DI-524 + Firmware uprgade problem

Hi, well, I've been using my router n everything worked well. But this morning I turned it on and I couldn't get connected to Internet, so, I went to (The IP Adress of the router on the network) and got this:


I've uploaded by cable, this file di524_revD_firmware_400.bin, downloaded from the official site of D-Link. Anyway, after the uprgading, if I go to the IP of the router, i got the same error. Can anybody help me ? Thx
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FriarTukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
did it give you that error prior to installing REVd 400 or afterwards?

"WARNING: DO NOT upgrade the firmware with a wireless connection. You will damage the router. Also, your current settings may be lost after upgrading." - - which means you must install the firmware upgrade using a pc or laptop directly connected via ethernet cable to the router

if resetting the router & trying to update beta 4.02 firmware can't work then you'll probably have to RMA it thru Dlink
el_rama86Author Commented:
Well, it didn't work
sorry i couldn't get you up & running, did you by change try upgrading via wireless, did you try rma'ing it thru dlink?
if nothing helped & you needed to purchase another, you could ask for a refund so as to use your points later.
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