laptop only connects to internet via numerical ip address; not alphabet http:// found no conflicts & no device driver issues

I bought a used IBM Thinkpad running Win 98SE. Other specs:
machine type: 2628
model: PF1
serial #: 78-MKLXL
PCMIA Card: working AMIT 802.11g wireless lan pc card model: ENPWI-G-RLAM
Updated driver for the card
Utility for card is seen & working from taskbar
lights on card are seen

Verizon Tech Rep attempted to assist but gave up when only the address went thru as IP numerical address.

There is no wireless key code securtity setting enabled in the Westel Versalink, which we spent allot of time trying to config. so the
wireless would work, with or without the security.
Verizon insists the problem is not with the router config.

1. One issue of interest is that previously the PCMIA card icon was seen in the taskbar, but no longer after I pulled it out,
incorrectly without exit first. Problem of no connection preceded this act.
2. this card is not noted in the device manager for PCMIA, but the driver for the card is noted in
the Network options. The card was noted earlier.
3. When I looked at the Networking properties I saw no entry for SSID, which I don't know about, but read that this is necessary for wireless?
4. I've removed the card driver & re-installed, but no go for functioning.

In conclusion for this issue report: I've been on hold waiting (several hrs.) for IBM Terch. Support to address
this issue. I don't think I'll get their help.

I'm disappointed I can't use this older, but good functioning laptop with wireless.
I could buy another card, but this one was working before.

Please advise what I should do to obtain wireless connection.

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This is windows 98 so you have to set DNS.

Go to start menu->settings->control panel->network

Click the configuration tab, highlight the tcp/ip line that corresponds to your network adapter (probably will say IEEE 802.11g wireless card)

Click the DNS configuration tab, and add the verizon dns servers to the dns server search order seems to be one of Verizon's dns servers, they may have given you others

Click ok, and I think you will have to reboot, then try and get on the net
This sounds like a DNS issue. Did the techs go over your DNS settings on your computer and router?
start --> run --> cmd --> ipconfig/all (posting results would help)

What is your DNS set to?
jamesg1940Author Commented:
Hi NetAdmin:
Thanks for the speed reply & offer to assist.
The Verizon Tech. did a ping & that went thru as numerical;
she did do a cmd, but not for /all;
so maybe the following will assist us in the troubleshoot:

dhcp: enabled
ip address:
subnet mask:
default gateway:
dhcp server:
primary wins server:   ----- nada
secondary wins server:  ---- nada
lease obtained: the time
expires: the time

3 Ethernet Adapter:
IEEE 802.11g wireless card
physical address: 00-50-18-2E-55-2F
dhcp enabled: yes
ip address:
primary wins: --- nada
second:   ---- nada

I've seen those addresses before & they look right, but I'm no expert.
start\control panel\network connections (classic view)\right click on connection that you are using(ex/lconnection 3 wireless\click tcpip\click properties\make sure dns is set to obtain automaticly since your ipconfig shows dhcp enabled\click ok
hope this helps
Sorry, don't use, it doesn't seem to work anymore

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