Blackberry Folder Redirection and Reconciliation

OK.  Bear with me here:  
I have a BB 7290 running with BES 4.0.  Back in January I asked this question:

and got some great advice from JConchie on how to stop my blackberry "sent items" from getting full.  The solution was to create another folder in Outlook called "Filed Sent Items" and moving sent items to the folder.

Well, i tried that and i have NEVER been able to get it to work right:  no matter what, when i move the emails from "sent items" to "filed sent items" the blackberry reconciles with the desktop and creates a "filed sent items" folder on the blackberry and puts the files in it.

I was thinking that it was a redirection problem and i asked this question:

I got some great advice from a couple experts.  However, the blackberry STILL will not stop mimicing the desktop when i move these sent items!

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I'm surprised the folder redirection doesn't work. Did you check that your changes were actually saved?

In Outlook you could try making sure "filed sent items" folder was in a local PST file rather than on the Exchange server, but this may not be what you want from an Exchange/Outlook perspective. The BB should not sync with folders in a local PST file - but neither will Exchange.
pvmattAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input.  I did check and the changes were saved:  for example, if I uncheck "inbox", emails are no longer forwarded to the inbox.  However, it still continues to sync the "moves".

I agree about the PST file, but i *really* want to avoid that solution b/c i dont want to move email on the local machine.

Actually, in one of your original questions you said "What will happen if i completely fill the sent items?"

When the BB memory fills up it should automatically start purging the oldest mails WITHOUT removing them from the Exchange server. So you might want to reconsider avoiding syncing sent mails - as to do so removes your 'email audit trail' from your BB. Leaving them syncing and taking up space should just mean that only the more recent mails (send and received) are on your BB at anyone time.
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pvmattAuthor Commented:
WibblyW- that is great to know!  I still would like to get this sync issue fixed though.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
On your Blackberry device you shouldn't have to worry about your sent items becoming full as the device should clear old email ever 30 day from the device only (by default).  I send approx 50 to 60 email per day and never have any issues.  Depending how you set your mail redirection you can go to the BES or Desktop manager and just make sure your "Filed Sent Items" isn’t selected for redirection.

pvmattAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input Garycutri-  but that is the problem:  "Filed Sent Items" ISN'T selected but it STILL redirects!!
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
On your device do the following:

1. Got to Messages
2. Go to Options
3. Select Email Settings
4. Click the Trackwheel and select Folder Redirection.
5. Untick everything
5. Exit and Save
6. Go back into Email settings, Folder Redirection and only select the folders you want redirect.

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