networking monitoring tool

Can i have a network monitoring tool ,
where i can track each user what they are uploading and downloading and the bandwidth they are using


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jessmcaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best done on the actually users computer or on a switch or router the are connecting through

If you post what hardware they are connecting through we may be able to advise you better.

If you are using ISA or a Unix gateway, software can be installed on this to give graphic charts of usage by ip address

I use bandwidthd on Unix

If your switch has a http console, you can at least monitor traffic on the port the computer is contected to.

Best place to catch it is the gateway.
Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
Hi jajati,
Network monitoring and troubleshooting


Fluke Gear

One Touch (approx $5000)

NetTool (approx $1400)

OptiView (approx $17000)

Optiview Workgroup analyser

DSP-4300 Tester (approx $5000)

Wave Runner Wireless Tester (For Compaq Ipaq) (approx $4000)


Fluke Optiview (Network Inspector) (approx $8000),mss__cat_id--320,prod_id--6609426,rf--wgg.html

Ethereal (FREEWARE) - Best for sniffing traffic in and out of an interface

Sniffer Pro - Investigator (approx $5000)

Sniffer Basic (approx $1000)

Solarwinds Engineers Toolkit (price £688.00 sterling)
(This is a fantastic product - I use it every day)

EtherPeek NX ($3500)

MTRG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) (FREEWARE)


NetworkActiv Scanner 4.0  (FREEWARE)


Network Probe 1.0.2  ($300.00)
Freeware Version

NetStatLive from AnalogX (FREEWARE)

OnLineEye (TRAILWARE)($15 to buy)

please check your links some are broken
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jajatiAuthor Commented:
we are using ISA server and users are connccted through gateway

i want to check each and every user usages. how can i do that
If the ISA Server is the gateway, have a look at this

Thisi will make the log data more readable

This is where you want to be catching data though
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Titanium_Sniper  - Cheers
PugnaciousOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Etherial is now known as Wireshark, just for an FYI in case you're trying to find it.
prashsaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, here is a link for Monitoring the Internet Connections going thru ISA server.

These utilities will install as add-on to ISA and integrate with it.

Then you can monitor, just what the user is browsing, how much data they are downloading etc.
GazWrightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A great piece of software to use is called Kerio Winroute firewall, if you have some budget get it, it allows you to monitor a users internet useage, but also set a quota, once the quota has been reached for that day / month you can either cap then at a specified bandwith or block their access completelty.
Since you already have ISA, you can do what ever you want using it.

If you want to do quota management and Bandwidth Management, then these softwares can be installed:

For Real Time Monitornig and Bandwidth Reporting per user. Use GFI Webmonitor.
It can work as freeware after 30days with reporting feature only.

Ryan_RConnect With a Mentor IT Systems AdministratorCommented:
if you want to see WHEN data is coming in /out of your PC (not worried by who) you can use the tray icon that comes with Zone Alarm Firewall
you can also look at the lights on your switch/hub - they flash when data going in / out of them and you can trace the number next to the light to the computer connected to it (easy free solution)
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
or you can use Remote Desktop Software to look at their screen and you can see exactly what they're doing - ie get TightCVNC
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