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web server connection

for a website that gets 100k of traffic per day and to load
the whole wesbsite is 1536 Kilobytes.. I was wondering
what kind of connection you should have!!
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1 Solution
I would make sure the domain is hosted by a company with dns console so you are in control of where the site is hosted.

512K Adsl would easily host a hundred similar sites with no noticable performance issues.  Bear in mind any other usages however.

If you have your own servers with static ip, I would host this on your work or home adsl network

If not, then you would be looking for a web hosting service for about £40 per year.

I would go for ADSL.
What connection do you have?

apleloisAuthor Commented:
8 MB download and 756 KB/PS upload..

but do you know how much traffic is 100,000 people visiting the website per day!!
Thats not what you said initially.

If you meant 100,000 hits then your traffic load will be a lot greater than 100k per day.

I assume you have web stats since you have the hits count?
It should give bandwidth utilization and busy periods.

This is what you will be basing requirements on.

8Mb will be plenty for web site traffic though.

Providing you are not putting out downlaod links.  Downloads over http will make a big difference and can bring a network to a standstill.

For such as busy site, I would go for professional hosting.
If your current stats provider isnt giviong you bandwidth usage, get one that does for a few months before moving.  This will let you know exactly what you need from a hosting company.

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apleloisAuthor Commented:
2K = 2,000
100K = 100,000

Windows 2K = Windows 2000
Windows 2K3 = Windows 2003
apleloisAuthor Commented:
You thought I was talking about the Kilobytes? thats only the first lines of the html code
and I said to load the website = index is 1536 Kilobytes
apleloisAuthor Commented:
yeah the traffic of the website is way more than 100k
Perhaps you should put more effort into providing the requested info than correcting my mistakes :)

There is no fixed calculation on this and the only useful info you have provided is there is 100,000 hits per day maiing any attempt to do so guesswork

If it is one site with web pages only, then this is medium traffic and easily handled by 2Mb ADSL
If you have download links or straeaming etc.. then the bandwidth utilization is going to be essential to judge this.

Is the site business or personal?
If business then more importantly would be that a site with 100,000 hits it is pretty important to the business and therefore should hosted professionally.

apleloisAuthor Commented:
is business, there is only one page and is the index.asp and its got 5 images = 1.5MB in total
Your page must have loads of text or else the images are not very well optimized and this could be greatly reduced.
I find it quite amazing that a single page that would take obviously take so long to load could possibly get so many visits.

Very impressive!!

What is that 150Gb of bandwidth daily or are my calculations up the left?
Where did you get the site statistics from?

You can get free stats easily here

This will give detailed and accurate stats summary to base your move on.
I would double check the accuracy of the stats you have as if you are ordering based on this it is going to cost you a lot if you get it wrong.
O.K. to make sure I understand this.

Your web server get 100,000 hits per day.
You have a single "web page" that is 1.5 MB in size.

You need to look at when your site is getting access the heavest.  At 100,000 hits aday that is an average of just over 1 hit a second (1.1~1.2).   However if 50,000 of those hits are really between "8 AM to 5 PM", then you are getting about 1.7~2 hits per second during that 8 hour period and less that .5 hits during the other 12 hours.

Then you need to look at how much network transfer time you would like the page to take.  Remembering that your side may NOT be the limiting factor, but you do want to try and remove it as being the issue.

My personal opinion is that the site needs a redesign, a single page of 1.5 MB is way too big.  Somebody using a dial-up connection is not going to wait 4-5 minutes to see the page.  IIRC the target time is about 8-10 second.  After that most people give up and move on to another site.  To get a webpage of about 1.5 MB in 8-10 seconds requires about the same bandwidth as a T1 (1.5 Mbps).  That would be for EACH concurrent hit.  If you get 2 hits a second, then you would need 3.0 Mbps.   If you want to shoot for 4-6 seconds, then you basically need to double your bandwidth.  But just remember for me to see your page in 4-6 seconds, I need to have about 3.0 Mbps connection, which I don't.

On my calculations your website would probably not be functioning.

Is this a theoretical question or are you serious?
apleloisAuthor Commented:
>>On my calculations your website would probably not be functioning.
never said it was my website

>>Is this a theoretical question or are you serious?
if I wasnt serious I wouldn't be asking
apleloisAuthor Commented:
as you see me here asking about the servers from myspace http:Q_21918710.html
is because im wondering.. it doesnt mean im going to install an oc-192 in my house
or that I need a server farm in the backyard.
I think their point is, it is hard to believe a single webpage of 1.5Mb would generate or the network could even handle so many hits.
It is most likely to be not getting anywhere near that many.
Just my honest opinion though.

Would love to know the url if that would be ok.
apleloisAuthor Commented:
heheh, I have seen pages like that if not bigger with 600k visits per day
No you havent, but obviously you think you have.

It is starting to look like this thread should be simply deleted. :(
apleloisAuthor Commented:
I have not seen a website that gets more than 600,000 visits
per day and the index.php with images is more than 1mb ?
are you kidding me ? theres millions of them!
Post me a link to any one of them then.
apleloisAuthor Commented:
sure, I show you one that gets 1 million visits per day and the index
with images is more than 3MB just dont post the link on here
apleloisAuthor Commented:

tell me when you get the file, so I can delete it..
You should try reading the small print


How much may I download as a free user?

Since we are offering our service for free users with full speed as well, we have included a download-limit, which is set to 30 MB per hour.
If you like to use our service, we hope that you will decide to buy a premium-account. Premium-accounts do not have this limitation. Furthermore they have many more advantages. Check it out here.

Links to

Get your own real PREMIUM-Account and we will always have a download-slot reserved for you!
Sole exception: Max. 3000 MB of downloads per day, but 15000 MB burst-downloads!
This means, we will always add 3000 MB to your traffic-account per day (max. 15000 MB).
If you empty your bucket every day, you can download 3000 MB per day.
If you don't download today, you can download 6000 MB tomorrow and so on.


3000Mb / 1.5Mb page = maximum 2000 hits per day

Thats nowhere close to what you are suggesting.
Sorry just notice
I doubt theyll mind the link on this post but if you like i can remove it
Plus the page you posted is 36Kb, not 3Mb

Web Page Speed Report

Title: RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace
Date: Report run on Sun Jul 23 16:46:27CDT2006  

Global Statistics
Total HTTP Requests: 4
Total Size: 36425 bytes

Object Size Totals
Object type Size (bytes)
HTML: 2033
HTML Images: 34392
CSS Images: 0
Total Images: 34392
Javascript: 0
CSS: 0
Multimedia: 0
Other: 0

External Objects
External Object QTY
Total HTML: 1
Total HTML Images: 3
Total CSS Images: 0
Total Images: 3
Total Scripts: 0
Total CSS imports: 0
Total Frames: 0
Total Iframes: 0

Download Times*
Connection Rate Download Time
14.4K 28.23 seconds
28.8K 14.12 seconds
33.6K 12.10 seconds
56K 7.26 seconds
ISDN 128K 2.22 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps 0.19 seconds
apleloisAuthor Commented:
ohhh man you are so... lost!!
apleloisAuthor Commented:
the file I uploaded to the Free service rapidshare.de was called url.txt if
you couldn't download it too bad cause I just deleted it
apleloisAuthor Commented:
where can I get that (Web Page Speed Report) ill do the test and I will show you the results!
Aplelois, With this company you get 3000 MB bandwidth per day it is clearly specified before you signup.

If you get zero traffic one day, you can carry the 3000Mb over and have 6000 MB the next day etc..
Maximum dl in one day is 150000Mb, but to get this you would need to have the site have zero hits for 30 days.

You dont seem to be grasping this too well.

Once you reach 150,000 Mb over whatever period, your site is locked out until you clear your quota.

If you want to test your page, post it here


So to answer your question.

The connection required would depend on the kbytes of bandwidth utilized.  You need to use a statistics analyzer such as the one I posted to determine this.

1500Kb page, 5 images and no linked pages or css etc..
6 hits per page download (5 images and the page itself recorded in webserver logs)

100,000 / 6 = 16,666 page downloads * 1.5Mb = 25Gb bandwidth per day aprox

756 KB/PS upload = 2.7Gb per hour, 64.8Gb per day

So if spread evenly, I would imagine your connection should cope ok.

But as I said earlier, small downloads ok, larger files can really bring a network down.  In reality, 16,000 1.5Mb downloads in a day will more likely overload your server and bring your network to a standstill.

You will also require load balancing over multiple servers and additional bandwidth to cope with extra load from peak periods.

If you want me to guess, most likely most hits will be over an 8 hour period.

So 25Gb / 8 hours = 3.1Gb per hour and suddenly your connection is not enough

Answer, 2MB full duplex line, possibly a 1Mb full duplex

I hope that satisfies your query. :)
apleloisAuthor Commented:
thats all ;)
Either you have poorly designed page or there is a big miscommunication going on here.  

If I were to go to your site do I really get a single 1.5 MB page downloaded, or do you present a small HTML page that has links to many other pages, or files, that total 1.5 MB in size?   Like do you have 100 files that are 1.5KB in size. There is a big difference between a single PAGE that 1.5 MB in size and a SITE that has 1.5MB worth of files.

There is NO site that averages 600K hits a day with a PAGE that is 1.5 MB or bigger.  

Again there is a BIG difference between a SITE with 1.5MB worth of files and a PAGE that is 1.5 MB in size.

Please point me to any site that averages that.  

There is also NO way with a 768Kbps up link you could be getting 100K hits a day with a 1.5MB page.  It would take an average of 15-20 seconds for you to serve up one page of 1.5MB.   At 1.1-1.2 hits per second, you could not keep up.  In the 15-20 seconds it would take you to completely send 1 page you would have 17-24 requests backed up waiting.   This is assuming that all of your hits are equally spread out over a 24 hour period.  If you have a specific time period where you get more hits that others, you would get backed up even more.

Try this link:  http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/

Please post the results.

apleloisAuthor Commented:
well I just saved one index.html site and is 3.87 MB (4,064,898 bytes) and
that sites get more than 800,000 people per day
apleloisAuthor Commented:
URL:      _____.com
Title:      The size of this web page (1009703 bytes) has exceeded the maximum size of 1000000 bytes.
Date:      Report run on Sun Jul 23 19:42:52CDT2006
Well, my personal opinion is you need to either design your pages better, use fewer graphics per page, or reduce the size/resolution of the graphics.    Of couse as I have no idea what your site is, it could be that 1.5 MB is "small" for your type of web sites.  Could you post the url to your web site?  

You seem to use the term SITE vs. PAGE.  "index.html" is a single file that represents a single web page.  Not a complete site, but based on the size of your "PAGE" it could be that you have your whole SITE in a single PAGE.
apleloisAuthor Commented:
again... THIS IS NOT MY WEBSITE!!!!!
and I was asking because I was just wondering thats all! kthx
apleloisAuthor Commented:
page yeah there's only one .html file and is index.html with .jpg
files in it, and is more than 1BM.. thanks I got my answer already!
Well then why not tell us the URL?
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