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How to setup SMSC for sms?

Dear Experts:

I am trying to deploy a solution in my company for sending several thousands sms in a day. I have seen some softwares arounf that will allow the development of SMS gateway but you will still need to purchase the per sms service from the smsc provider. And this is our problem. We want to be independent of SMSC providers to not incur any other costs but the deployent costs of hardware and software. The SMSC providers charge per message. I know there is a way around it by using GSM modems or Cell Phones but the transaction time is to slow. Approx: 900 (If very lucky) per hour.

So I am in need of guidence for a SMSC provider that provides unlimited SMS service for free. I really don't think any one would provide it free even if I want the local (USA) services. So what would it take me to be my own SMSC provider? I have some idea that I may have to talk to wireless providers such as sprint, verizon etc but how to go about it? What service exactly am I looking for? How cheaper are they than the SMSC providers if not free. There are SMSC provider that provide the service for as loww as $0.02 for local use.

I am looking for a guide that will put me on right path I guess for the deployment of this project. I have research a lot on the net and been to several hundred sites.


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You will need a direct link to SMSC of the GSM operator.
 The SMSC is a part of the GSM network. If opu would like to have your own SMSC, then you have to buy a licence for GSM and build an own GSM network. Then you have to make roaming agreements with all the other GSM operators. Sorry but your business idea is a dream and I assume you have not the money to final it.
syedasimmeesaqAuthor Commented:

I am not sure why would you say it, however I have tested a direct http request to Operator and it worked fine. I was able to send SMS using diffferent operators via one http request. The problem is that how much of requests can their server handle?
I am sorry to say but like the others said, the  word 'free' is not applicable here.

You already know your limitations with regard to sending SMS's so look at what you dont know.

1. Contact the most formidable GSM Network operator in your area. Look at their customer base. The larger it is, the better equipped it will be.

2. Request in writing to the Operator giving an outline of your requirement and request for options etc with pricing.

What you will need to do is to tie-up with an operator to distribute the messages.There are several key companies like HSBC, Sampath Bank, Clancy's and many more here in Sri Lanka who had done this.

Due to the operators Server capacity and better infrastructure, you will be able to relay your messages through them. The cost of partnership usually includes equipment they install at your end.

Good Luck.

If you go to do this by yourself, you will need to buy at leats 5 GSM modems/phones to push the messages as well as have 5 dedicated pc's not to mention the standard SMS messaging costs. If you do the math, you will see that a tie up (preferably one which gives something to the operator as well) is more worthwhile.
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