Remebering the last saved directory path in a saveFileDialog

Hi all,

I am implementing a saveFileDialog in C# . First time when I choose a directory to save a file, I want to remember it so that for the second time , I do not have to start from my C: drive and go to the previously saved directory.

There should be a easy way to do, and your help on this is appreciated.

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anarki_jimbelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends on what you call "an easy way"

I believe the easies way is to save the file (directory) path into a text or xml file.
If it's a text file you just write or read one line

public string readPath()
  // create reader & open file
  TextReader tr = new StreamReader("path.txt");// or (Application.StartupPath + "\\" + "path.txt")

  // read a line of text
  string path = tr.ReadLine();

  // close the stream
  return path;

You need to add error handling if no file exists (return "C:\")

public void writePath(string path)
  // create a writer and open the file
  TextWriter tw = new StreamWriter("path.txt"); // or (Application.StartupPath + "\\" + "path.txt")

  // write a line of text to the file

  // close the stream

If you want to retain the selected directory name only till the application close, then better keep the value in a static variable,
If you want to keep this every time application opens, then better approch is to store the value in registry than in any XML or text file
I think you want to find out how to set the dialog programmaticly to a specified path, am I right?

Just before showing the dialog, set the dialog.filename property to your desired directory, like this:

the "@" specifies not to interpret the \ as an escape sequence.

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2 dreckgos

"then better approch is to store the value in registry than in any XML or text file"
No doubts. Give an example of code. Ramesh asked for an easy solution :)

2 Ramesh
If you want to save in the registry you may have a look at
anarki, I think you got the names wrong....
anarki, I think you got the names wrong....

 Dont forget Ramesh... save the directory in any way you want and then set the filename or filepath property!
My apologies, dreckgos!

The message was to BBK.
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