Create Raid 1 Array with existing bootable Win2000 Drive on a (DELL) CERC ATA100/4ch IDE RAID controller

Posted on 2006-07-23
Last Modified: 2016-10-27
I have a Dell server that has a (DELL) CERC ATA100/4ch IDE RAID controller in it. I have (2) 30GB Western Digital Drives on the (DELL) CERC ATA100/4ch IDE RAID controller as RAID 1 (mirroring) which boots. I used a program called Acronis to clone 1 of the 30GB WD drives to an 80GB WD drive. I tested the cloned 80GB drive to see if it would boot on of the MOBO BIOS Channel 0 Primary IDE and it works fine. It IS a bootable drive. My problem is I do not know how to configure the (DELL) CERC ATA100/4ch IDE RAID controller with the new 80GB drive and an indentical one for RAID 1 Mirroring and have it boot successfully. Everything appears to be online and under RAID 1 in the (DELL) CERC ATA100/4ch IDE RAID controller, but I cannot get it to boot off that. I even set the proper boot drive in the (DELL) CERC ATA100/4ch IDE RAID controller config. If I mess with it too much it wipes out the drive partitions and I have to reclone from the original 30GB. Why can't they make it so you can automatically take an existing bootable drive with data on it and put it into a RAID 1 mirroring array so that the second drive will just copy the 1st and you can go about your day. I am just trying to take my cloned bootable 80GB drive and put in on this (DELL) CERC ATA100/4ch IDE RAID controller along with an identical 80GB drive and have this thing boot with my existing OS in RAID1 mirroring mode. Please help. This is driving me crazy!
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Did you format the new fresh 80G HDD? Can you boot to the controller config when you connect both drives (the cloned and the fresh)? I believe you should get to the Failed Redundancy and select Rebuild from there.
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If the rebuild option doesn't work then try creating the Mirror first then clone the partition/disk to the new mirrored set.

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I did not format the 2nd fresh 80GB HDD. I can get to the controller config with both the cloned 80GB drive and the fresh unformatted 80GB drive.  Have not tried the rebuild. What program do you recommend using to clone to the new mirrored set? Is there a good one that will work in DOS mode that will copy NTFS perfectly?
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Well, I heard that you need to format the 2nd fresh 80G HDD, at least 1% to initialize the rebuild process automatically. You can format it within the controller config as well. Regarding the cloning, I prefer Acronis, using its boot disk you can clone anything without a problem.
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The reason it won't boot is that you don't have the OS drivers for the CERC card. Try installing the disc on one of the internal IDE cahnnels (remove the CD-ROM if necessary) then boot. Windows should then detect the CERC card as an unknown device and you'll be able to install the Dell drivers.

Once you've done that there are two ways forward:
The easiest thing to do is to install the HDD on the CERC, then go into the BIOS config utility. Create a RAID 1 mirror. The CERC will ask you if if you want to mark one drive as an original for the mirror. Select your OS drive, create the mirror and the card will then mirror your OS onto the new drive. You should then be able to boot.

The second option is to create a mirrored pair in the BIOS then remove the non-OS disc before the card syncs the array. You can then plug it back in and the array should rebuild to the new drive. Try the first option and leave this one as the last resort.

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Meyersd... as stated above, I have cloned drive of an OS that was already on the system. I also stated that the Cloned HDD will boot of the the internal IDE channles so I know it is a bootable HDD.

Meyersd... thank you for the two options. Could you possiblly step by step that process with the CERC menu's. I find them to be quite cumbersome and have destroyed my clonded drives OS partitions over 6 times trying to get configured properly.

NetExpert. I will format the fresh drive. Thanks


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Formatted 2nd drive. Did Meyersd CERC recommendation and it worked. Thanks guys.

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