Encoding MP3 audio and ISO MPEG4 video into ASF format file

I have to produce an ASF format file that encodes ISO MPEG-4 video data (Microsoft codec with fourcc code MP4S or M4S2) and MP3 audio. I have tried Windows Media Encoder, which allows me to select the required video codec, but does not allow me to select an MP3 audio codec. Only WMA or PCM are available, even though I have an MP3 encoder installed.

I considered first encoding the file in another format (i.e. AVI), and converting to ASF using the vidtoasf utility, but all programs I have found allow me to encode using an MP3 codec, but not the required ISO MPEG-4 codec (I can use other MPEG4 codecs, but this is not what I require). I think the required Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 codec may be locked to only be used within ASF files. I have tried numerous conversion tools, but none would allow me to use the required video and audit codecs together - either directly in ASF format or in AVI which I can convert.

However I achieve this I need the end result of an ASF format file with the Microsoft ISO MPEG4 video codec and MP3 audio codec. Ideally I would do this with Windows Media Encoder, but I am open to other options.

Neither the file format (ASF) or specific codecs are negotiable, as the file is to be decoded on an embedded system that only supports these specific codecs and file format.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you said it in a nutshell really here> MP3 audio (no doubt as Microsoft makes no licence fee out of it!). My requirements therefore appear to be incompatible.
WMV belongs to WMP or Bill Gates, its unfortunate that you want to use these formats.
I had a quick look at windows movie maker not really my choice, but have a look it may have something you need.
Movie Maker

What format is the starting file? like are you using a video camera then converting or what?
You may simply need a few more encoders.
What version do you curently have  media 9 encoders?
The MPEG Home Page

GSpot is a very handy program to find out more information about the audio and video of a movie you have downloaded. The program will give you information about what codecs are needed to play the movie and if you have them installed on your computer.

Windows Media Encoder 9 Series SDK

If you want to create or read ASF structured files, download the ASF Specification

Dvd To Mpeg Converters

Doom is the best site I have used over the years for everything and anything to do with video and auido.
 its so vast the knowledgebase here its almost never ending , if your serious then this is  the place to explore.
MP4 Faq
duncan_debordeAuthor Commented:
Regarding the starting file, there is no particular requirement. I am currently working from any a variety test multimedia files I can find with video / audio, e.g. an AVI file with XVID video and MP3 audio.  For now I will happily take any video / audio source and be able to convert it.

I have no problem with the availablity of codecs. I have downloaded numerous codecs and all I require are rpesent on my system.

I have tried numnerous converters etc. (~ 15) and checked thoroughly through the webm including doom9, but nothing seems to work. Anything that converts to an ASF (WMV) format will not appear to accept an MP3 codec in conjunction with the ISO MPEG-4 codec, unless anyone knows different. The required ISO MPEG-4 codec is never available unless converting to an ASF format, so I cannot get the two codec conversions together in the same file. Once I can do this I should be OK, even if it is in an AVI file I can later convert with vidtoasf.
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yukeleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think it is possible to encode a Windows Media video with MP3 audio. Why do you need to do this?
callrsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Merete, did you get my email?
yes I did and sent it back with saved txt. ???
 Anything that converts to an ASF (WMV) format .
I appreciate its not always easy to explain it in words so I'll help you pull it apart till we get a common understanding of what it is you are doing.

what is your source for WMV files?, webcams save as mpeg formats, knwowing what your source is originally helps, what your trying doing to is really several different things and starting with a WMV really puts you at a stand still.

If you dont use  WMV as the start format then what else will do as the end result is you want an asf format video file using mp3 audio/
(WMV) format will not appear to accept an MP3 code<< so basically you want to extract the audio out of a windows media video and place it into an ASF?

WMV is designed to windows media so has included this liscence.
Like QT quicktime.
you wrote>>
Encoding MP3 audio and ISO MPEG4 video into ASF format file

so you have a wmv  video??
you also have an  ISO MPEG4 video << Quicktime format>> http://www.apple.com/quicktime/technologies/mpeg4/
you also have an mp3 sound track << MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3,
and wish to multiplex these into an ASF?? ASF is an extensible file format designed to store synchronized multimedia data

ok it maybe the steps your doing.
first you have to extract the audio out of the WMV>>
Video to Audio Converter is an extremely easy-to-use tool to extract audio from AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG and MPEG files to MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG format. You can extract audio from your video files to MP3s

I cant make sense of where the ISO MPEG4 comes into play here?
Do you want to multiplex the extracted mp3 audio into the ISO mpeg4 video and save it as an ASF?

duncan_debordeAuthor Commented:
The background is that I am working with a (test) embeded system that only accepts ASF format files, the Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 video codec and MP3 audio codec. This is unfortunately what I have to work with.

At the moment I would say forget the source. It could be anything, e.g. any old multimedia file I can get off the web. Using standard conversion tools, whatever it comes in as it could esily be converted to something standard to start with, e.g. an AVI file with XVID video and MP3 audio for example. As long as I can read the file with e codecs I have I don't think that's a problem.

The problem occurs in the next step, where I need to convert whatever source into an ASF file using the Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 codec and MP3 codec. My latest understanding is that the Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 codec is unavailable outside of Windows Media Encoder or its SDK (or for a file format other than ASF), i.e. it never appears selectable in any other conversion package other than buried in the WMV profiles used by the SDK. It also appears that Windows Media Encoder can (and never will?) allow you to output MP3 audio (no doubt as Microsoft makes no licence fee out of it!). My requirements therefore appear to be incompatible.

The fact that the embeded system I am working with requires this combination of codecs / file format however suggests it must be possible to do somehow (or was perhaps in earlier Windows versions). Unfortunately due to reasons I will not go into here we are not able to get support out of the embedded system supplier to see how they have in the past created such files.

My latest thinking is that I may be able to achieve what I want with some combination of ffmpeg and LAME, but I will need to build this and test it when I get the various downloads sorted. If this does not work, e.g. it also cannot get at the Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 codec, I may be stuck for good. I had hoped something off the shelf might work, but it looks like there may not be anything.
duncan_debordeAuthor Commented:
OK, I think I'll have to give up on this. It looks like there is no solution. The Microsoft ISO codec looks only to be usable in WME, which will not support MP3. Even ffmpeg cannot encode with the Microsoft ISO codec. I have a feeling this combination of codecs may have been used by certain digital video cameras in the past, but cannot be created on a Windows machine.

My best bet now is to see if any other MPEG-4 codec is close enough to the Microsoft ISO codec that the embedded system will accept output from that codec with some tweaking.
good luck with it too, wish I could offer more assistance, thank you.
Regards Merete
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