configure two Monitor

I need configure two monitor on a SUNBLADE150 workstation,
I have a adapter video card..
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f-kingConnect With a Mentor IT support technicianCommented:
It´s got something to do with running a command check out this site for information about that command
f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
what video card do you have,if you go to display properties of your video card there should be an option for a 2nd monitor output
Go to display settings and you have the option to use a second monitor as an extension of your desktop. Make sure that is ticked.

Display properties can be reached by right clicking on your desktop and clicking properties.
eandinoAuthor Commented:
My OS i´ts a solaris 9, I have ha graphics acelerator Sun XVR-100 this work correctly...
I nedd enabled my onbord serial port for a second monitor..
eandinoAuthor Commented:
THe message in the monitor ists that must activated from mi computer..
command: fbconfig -list

How i activate m640?
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