One Mapped Drive keeps disconnecting

We are running a Windows 2003 server as a mail server and a NAS as a file server.  We have Autoexec 10.d as the back-up software and we run worldox as our document management system.  All users have dell computers Optiplex 160 CL or newer and run windows XP.  To the File Server we have three mapped drives that are connected to by all the local machines.  Those drives all go to the D-drive on the file server.  Those Drives are F:/data, G:/STI and I:/Archive.

The G: and I: drives never have any problems.  They are connected at all times.  The F: drive however seems to disconnect at any time on any computer for any reason.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  It just disconnects.  It does at log-in.  It does it during the day.  It always fixes with a reboot.  

I have tried a bunch of different things.  I just can't seem to get the problem to stop.  I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions.
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I've seen a similar problem where users were pluggin in a usb drive, which was always trying to grab a  low drive letter.

Dont know if thats related, have you tried mapping it to a higher letter ?
kl4518Author Commented:
I thought that too, but it happens on computers where they are using USB drives and on computers where they are not.  
kl4518Author Commented:
The G and I work fine.  It has to be F: though because that is what World dox uses.
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whats world dox?
kl4518Author Commented:
Worldox is a document management system.  On our old servers it worked fine.  
Its not a program I'm familiar with - do you think its possible that could be causing the problem?

Do the event logs give any clues just after a disconnect?
kl4518Author Commented:
I do not think it is causing the problem.  I have talked to worldox and outside of worldox just going to that drive to get information it has no interaction with it.  Worldox can be off and the drive disconnects.
What model NAS is it?
kl4518Author Commented:
PowerVault 745N
its an odd one - if all of the drives were disconnecting I'd probably have a play with the duplex settings, but itf its just one, I can't see how that would affect it.

Does the drive just disapear or does it have a red x over it?

kl4518Author Commented:
That is the funny part.  It is still there.  It says disconnected, but you can double click on it and go into it.  It just says disconnected.  
Do you think this is relevant?;en-us;297684

may be writing a little batch file to copy a file down from the share and schedule it to run every 10 minutes, not as a permanent solution, but just to see it it is the time-out thats causing it?
sorry, of course its not a windows box thats sharing it. May be worth trying the batch file anyway.
kl4518Author Commented:
I have tried that.  After accessing the drive it doesn't reconnect, it just says disconnected.
I'd probably try mapping to the share it again with a higher drive letter and see if that shows the same behaviour.

I'd also look in the system log for any errors that may be related.

Other than that I'm out of ideas I'm afraid.
kl4518Author Commented:
This question has been answered.  It was the symantect link provided on 8/22.
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