Mega vs. Gigabit LAN

Would changing my switches and nics to gigabit hardware be noticable on my network?
2 servers running large databases. 18 workstations.  Main data being accessed: sql databases, mde/mdb databases, exchange server for 18 people, standard office docments.
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rjwesleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In a nutshell I'd have to say no. I say that because those apps don't really fall under bandwidth intensive applications, (such as telemedicine, desktop videoconferencing, scientific modeling, and interactive telecollaboration etc).

Another point - 18 workstations! - if you said 1800 then it would be a resounding yes.

I'd look at it from a budget point of view, if you got the budget for it then an upgrade in your communications infrastructure would be a good thing to have done.

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
For large transfers, backusp etc. simple answer is Yes as the raw speed increase is really useful.  For day to day work for the average user they probably wouldn't even notice the difference between 10 and 100 unless they used big files such as PPT, CAD etc.  It may help with teh Access based databases, SQL should not have much of an effect as it's client/server excpet for backups of large SQL databases etc. to other servers maybe.

You might be just aswell though leaving clients on 100meg and upgrading servers and server switch ports to gigabit.  Most PC's come with gigiabit cards anyway nowadays though so if you can up the speed then great.

ShawnGrayAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob,

Those are good points.  Your last comment about upgrade in communications infrastructure, could you give me more detail on this.

If we anticipate doing more video conf.  would that merit the upgrades?  Or are we small enough that it would show any improvement?
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ShawnGrayAuthor Commented:
Thanks Steve,

Our backups are being done over the wire.  But like you said if the servers and switches are upgraded to gigbit and new pcs (as we begin to replace next year) are giga, it seems like I'd be moving toward that type of lan by default.
The upgrade of your infrastructure - I was referring category 6 cabling installation and all gig hardware required.

The video conferencing, well thats more dependent on the speed provided by your ISP.

Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Oh well I guess the answer No was preffered then!
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