Requiring Double-Click to send message

I have one user that will right-click Adobe Acrobat Reader files and select to e-mail them.  The user is using Outlook 2003.  There is nothing complicated with the form. After putting in the recipient e-mail address, the user will go to click "Send" and nothingwill happen.  In order to successfully send it, the user must double-click "Send" in the message window.  

When the user is simply composing a message from Outlook, and they go to click send, the message goes right away.

I have gone through all the settings I am aware of in Outlook and have not found any settings relating to this issue.  In addition, I went and verified there was no add-ins that were installed on this system.  Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, BStormC.

> There is nothing complicated with the form
Sorry, but I don't understand what "form" you're talking about.  

Let me restate this and make sure I understand the issue.  From Windows the user right-clicks on an Acrobat file and selects "Send To" then "Mail Recipient".  The message appears with the file attached, the user fills in the subject, addressing, and then has to click Send twice for the message to go out.  Is that correct?  If not, please outline the steps the user is following.  If I do have it right, then are you saying that this only happens with Acrobat files and no other file type?

BStormCAuthor Commented:
We refer to the Adobe Acrobat file as a form here internally.  

As for your scenario, it is correct.  

Following me writing my original post yesterday I did discover a double click on "Send" is required regardless of what type of file is attached to the message.  This was evident when I happened to be at a user's PC where I tried to send an Excel file.  

I went in and composed a simple test message and clicked "Send" once. It worked fine.

Thanks for your help.

David LeeCommented:
Ok, so it's not just Acrobat and it's only when sending from Windows.  Is it possible that the first click is just activating the message window?  You should be able to tell by looking at the titlebar of the message window to see if it's in the selected color or not.
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BStormCAuthor Commented:
The window is active.  I will have already clicked once several times before going ahead and double-clicking. It is a very baffling issue.  Thanks Again and appreciate any and all future help.
David LeeCommented:
As a test try the CTRL+S keyboard sequence and let me know if the message sends.
BStormCAuthor Commented:
It seems to just sit there and do nothing.   I have tried it on two different PC's and they are not doing anything.
David LeeCommented:
My mistake.  I meant ALT+S, not CTRL+S.
BStormCAuthor Commented:
It does work with Alt-S.  For me it does not matter but with my users, they will say to me "Hey, WHy do I have to do it this way when I never have had to do so before". I just thought I would add that to let you know where I stand. In essence, I am trying to figure out what I need to do in order to make thew single click of "Send" work.
BStormCAuthor Commented:
I am going on to put these solutions through today and hopefully have an answer for you by day's end.  Sorry for the delay as this was unfortunately put on the back burner.
David LeeCommented:
No problem.  
BStormCAuthor Commented:
I will be returning to the office today after a vacation.  I will look to see if the information from the links will work good.
David LeeCommented:
Ok.  Thanks for the update.

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BStormCAuthor Commented:
Sorry It should have been the comment from 7/31 I accepted.
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