sbs 2003


i stupidly disabled all user accounts on my network and rebooted the server now i cant log in. anyone know how to re-enable accounts (administrator) so i can get back in and restore my network

im an idiot but it will save a rebuild please please help
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If you havent created a emergency repair disk, then no, I dont believe there is officially.

What you can do, and has worked for me on servers where I forgot the password

Use a special linux boot disk which allows you to edit hive iformation, including enable admin accounts and reset the password

If that doesnt work, you are in trouble

Good luck!!
you shouldnt have been able to disabl;e the administrator account that is built in so look for an administrator password reset CD on the internet, use that and restore your password. From that admin account you should be able to log back in but I am not 100% sure.
armstrongwarAuthor Commented:
i have been able to disable it through server management
any other ideas?
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Can you boot into active directory restore mode, and restore the AD from backup?

The chap refers to 'secure mode' - I'm sure he means safe mode.

Can you log in in safe mode and reenable it?
armstrongwarAuthor Commented:
no backup im afraid
in save mode but not allowed enable it

dont want to have to rebuild server

anything else surely there is a way around it
Rob WilliamsCommented:
There are numerous options on the following link that allow you to create a new admin account password for a local account; 
...but, if your SBS was completely set up with Active Directory, local accounts do not exist and you will need to reset the domain admin account, in which case the following link will likely be more useful:
there is a password reset cd downloadable on the net that will reset the administrator password AND unlock the account.
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