Wireless printer ANY_WAY photo wireless

Its the photo version


How do I get this to work wirelessly.  (not interested in blue tooth)
Locate it near the wireless router?

Anyone ideas? Its an XP network.
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simpswrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to download the installation drivers from the manufcturers website.  Does the one pc he loaded on find the printer?

The wireless printer is a client on the network, like the pc's are.  It's not a router . . each pc will have to "find" it on the network.  
wordedAuthor Commented:

Ok theres a setting for manual set up for wireless and Ive
set it as in the range of the dhcp wireless router.

Any ideas what next to do?

wordedAuthor Commented:

Do I ahve to add it in the router?  Im using a linksys wireless router with wpa.
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Have you established the wireless connection?
Most wireless printers have you run the installation disc that comes with the printer . . it will search the network for the printer and set it up for you
    Have you tried browsing for the printer within "add a new printer wizard", there is option to set network printer then browse but as simpswr stated they mostly do have cds that install the drivers and automaticly add the printer for you.
Stupid question, perhaps, but do you know if the wireless adapter for/on the printer can do WPA or similar? You could try (temporarily) switcing off the security for your WLAN and see if that makes a difference.
wordedAuthor Commented:

CD lost by user. But he installed it on one PC.

What I dont understand about all this is the relationship of the wireless printer to the rest of the network.

Does it feed through the router.
Is it a router in its own right?  If so is each PC scanning for it and its picked up like another SSID by a Olivetti utility via the laptops wireless card.

wordedAuthor Commented:

Yes its attached via USB.  It has to be to be configured the help files say.

Iw as under pressure on site and didnt have time to read up too much on it.

Find it by IP address? Add local printer and add the IP?
The few wireless printers I have set up, the installatin disc had to be run on each machine and it would "find" the wireless printer.

Have you looked on the manufacturers website for support?
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