MS Excel 2003, programmatically add calendar control to form using VBA

I am trying to add a Calendar Control (MSACAL) to a form using VBA  using the following:
Dim calControl As Control
Set calControl = fSetup.Controls _
    .Add("MSACAL.Calander.1", "calControl", True)

When this code runs, I receive a runtime error stating “invalid class string”:

I do have a reference to the msacal.ocx established.  Apparently, I am referencing the ProgID incorrectly.
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yotamsherConnect With a Mentor Commented:

found this code snppet in the internet (somehow I lost the link (sorry))

Dim Usf As Object
Dim Obj As MSACal.Calendar
Set Usf = ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents("Userform1")
Set Obj = Usf.Designer.Controls.Add("MSCAL.Calendar.7")
With Obj
.Left = 20: .Top = 20: .Width = 200: .Height = 150
End With
VBA.UserForms.Add (Usf.Name)

I can't test it right now, but it is worth a try

I think you have a typo

it is MSACAL.Calendar not MSACAL.Calander

ArtBarnwellAuthor Commented:
Yes, but I made the typo here when I created this post and not in the code.  The code as copied directly from my module is:
Dim calControl As Control
Set calControl = fSetup.Controls.Add("MSACAL.Calendar.1", "calControl", True)

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