Permanently delete instead of moving to Junk E-Mail Folder for OWA like Outlook 2003 possible?

Hello! We're running an Exchange 2003sp2 combined front/back-end Server on a Windows 2003sp1 Server. Clients use lastest IE6 or Outlook 2003.

I like the "Permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it to the Junk E-mail folder" option in Outlook 2003. Unfortunately the closest Outlook Web Access comes to that is "Filter Junk E-mail" which has the effect of moving suspected junk e-mail to a folder of the same name.

Does anyone know of a tweak to have OWA permanently delete instead of merely moving junk e-mail?

Much appreciated!
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MicrotechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you implimented IMF? you can change the way messages come in according to their SCL (spam confidence level) one of the options is to delete messages above a certain threshold -1 being internal mail the 1 -9 9 being 99.99% confident the message is spam.
Sembee has documented how to set up IMF here
DavidBloomAuthor Commented:
IMF has been running from the get-go. It is enabled with settings of 8 / Archive / 5 (rating/action/move). This seems an ideal setting for Outlook 2003 since I haven't had any clients complain of either missing email or too much spam. So what's the next step to force OWA to permanently delete?

( And thank you for an excellent link! )
Not sure that there is one. OWA is after all a streamed down version. I may be wrong, but the delete at gateway function with the SCL is the only way.
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delete/archive that should have read
DavidBloomAuthor Commented:
Actually, the link you first sent may have the solution.

As I wrote, I have IMF set to 8/Archive/5. Is it possible that setting it to 8/Archive/8 would kill the remaining junk e-mail? And in fact there'd be no need to have the "permanently delete" setting in Outlook 2003. The original intent may have been to "save" those suspected 5,6,7's to the junk e-mail folder for the user to check out. By setting both to 8 there's no "wiggle" room, and everything to that level gets blocked. I've tried it for the past couple hours and it seems to be the case. If 24hrs goes past without landing junk e-mail via OWA, then I'll awards those points.
DavidBloomAuthor Commented:
Thank you Microtech. That link provided a reasonable workaround.
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