Eventid - 2510 The server service was unable to map error code 998.

Hello Experts,
I've been getting this error after a restart for the past 3 weeks.
Error Code desc: Invalid access to memory location.

From Ms Knowledge base:
When a 32-bit application runs on a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and the application calls the LsaLogonUser function to authenticate the logon data of a security principal by using stored credentials information, the function may return the following error: Invalid Access Memory Location (998)

I am running the 32 bit version

Not a very common error, eventid.net does not list this error under eventid 2510
All suggestions welcome and appreciated
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modathirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to get a hotfix for that from microsoft. check this
proj2005Author Commented:
thanks modathir, i'll take a look
The accepted answer is incorrect and this question should not have been closed. The accepted solution is for an issue with 64 bit Windows and Proj2005 clearly says he is using the 32 bit version. I found this same warning in my event log today and am looking for more information.
The same here but I think it has something to do with my new Trend Micro AV installation.  It has been happening since I upgraded to Trend Micro Worry Free 6.0 on this Windows 2003 SBS server.
The forced accept answer is incorrect for me, as that hotfix only applies for the x64 version of 2003. I'm running SBS2003 with no AV program installed and still getting this error after reboots.
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