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Domino Web Access Redirect

rvthost asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
Platform:  iSeries
Version:  6.5.5

Hello -

Ok, I must be missing something really easy.  First, I setup the Web Access Redirect awhile ago and it's been working great.  All I need to do now is change the custom logo that I already have in place.  It must have been too long since I did this because I can't seem to get it to work.

I simply open the "webredir.nsf" database that I created previously.  I attached the new jpg that I want to use for the custom logo and click Save and Close.  HTTP has been restarted and now the entire Domino server has been restarted, but the old logo remains.  What am I missing? :)

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You should do this in th webrdir.NTF template not the NSF. Every night the design gets updated from the template, so you will lose your changes.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your comments.  I did as you suggested and did the change in the template as well (no effect).  However, I don't remember doing it that way in the past.  I understand what you're saying with inheriting designs, but I pulled this info again from the help.  It appears I just use the template to create the database and then use that newly created database for the setup?  

When I open webredir.nsf, I do see the jpg attachment that I am attempting to publish.  I'm open to suggestions!  Thanks again.

Setting up Domino Web Access Redirect
Domino Web Access Redirect is included as a template IWAREDIR.NTF in the Domino data directory. To set up Domino Web Access Redirect:
  1.      Create a database from the IWAREDIR.NTF template.
  2.      In the Notes client, open the database that you created.
  3.      Click Setup and follow the prompts to set up Domino Web Access Redirect.
Note  When selecting MailServer as the Redirection Type under Server Settings, the common name of the Domino mail server must be the same as its fully-qualified TCP/IP domain name. For example, if the mail server field in the Person document is set to serverA/domainA, the server's TCP/IP fully-qualified domain name must be serverA.lotus.com
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Thanks Tom!!!  I did have multiple documents that I didn't notice earlier, and yes that was causing the issue.  I was about to recreate that database but I'm glad I waited to at least understand what was going on.  Thanks for the help.
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