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Error: "A drawing error occured" when I open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Profesionnal

Hi there,

I have a problem when I open some PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat Professional, an error occured which says "A drawing error occured." At this time, the document is open but it does not display the images. If I close the program and try again, the same error occur.

 I already re-install the software but that didn't solve the issue.
Other users can open documents with the same soft without causing this error message.

Any idea ?

Many thanks
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Karl Heinz Kremer
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The PDF files are very likely corrupt, or you  have a 3rd party plug-in installed on your machine that causes the error. Are you using any 3rd party Acrobat plug-ins? Are you sure that the other users have exactly the same version of Acrobat (e.g. 7.0.8)?
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This is very likely a video problem. Acrobat had a problem "drawing" the page on the screen. What is your operating system and how much RAM do you have? It could also be an problem with the video card in your computer.
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Karl Heinz Kremer
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Nous avons Win XP SP2 et 1 Go de RAM...
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Many thanks khremer, the color managment solution seems to work very well.

Thank you all.
I thought I'd add my two cents. I tried the solution presented at the following URL -
IN ACROBAT v7 (Worked ok in Adobe Reader 7.1.0 - I could print my document. However in Adobe Standard 8.0, I'd get the "Drawing Error Occurred" message). The following change corrected the problem in Adobe Standard 8.0. Thanks "khkremer" for providing a solution.

In Adobe
1. Click on EDIT
4. SET RGB COLOR TO "ADOBE RGB (1998)" or anything but the default one.
5. SET CMYK COLOR TO "U.S. WEB COATED (SWOP) v2" or anything but the default one.
6. Click OK
7. Close and reopen your PDF document
8. Attempt to print without generating the "A drawing error occurred message".

Note: in Adobe Reader 7.1.0, there is no COLOR MANAGEMENT to modify these settings.

Good Luck!