Error no. -2147023782 Automation error A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

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This line of code doesn't work on one  machine out of hundreds:

Set CZip = CreateObject("V8ReportHistory.ZIP")

This is an error :

8/7/2006  ---  11:05:25 PM  ---  RunReports - Error no. -2147023782
Error description: Automation error
A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

I check it again , everything is registered and seems exactly as on the machines where it is working.
Any ideas, thanks.
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If any additional info is needed , please indicate it and i will provide it.
.Net and Infrastructure Consultant
best guess is that the V8ReportHistory.dll is not registered properly... (or one of its dependancies is missing)

try a
regsvr32 dllfilename.dll /u
regsvr32 Fullpathtodll\dllfilename.dll

if that still doesnt work i would start by looking at my installed ISAM modules and ODBC drivers...


Everything is registered correctly.
The fact is that other applications on the same machine are using successfully this class.
The error on create object happens sometime , not every day. Reboot of the machine makes it work for additional period of time and then again failure on :
                        Set CZip = CreateObject("V8ReportHistory.ZIP") ' New ZIP

Any ideas ?
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lojk.Net and Infrastructure Consultant

you would need to check in the initialisation code of the instatiated class. its probably failing because it cant create an instance correctly

perhaps a log file that its using is in use at the time of instantiation or some other condition that is preventing the creation of the class. perhaps it use a class that can raise a modal form and/or that is not multithreaded correctly or releaseing control to the dll when required.

i would really need far more information (preferably source) on the v8reporthistroy file, what files does it depend on, what files does it write? what permission does it need on the machine (registry etc). What does it actually do?

Did anyone find a solution to this?
No thats wots great about experts exchange

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