Error 1309 during usage of microsoft office 2003 programs

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        Hello, I am experiencing multiple pc's (desktop clients) failing to run office 2003 pro programs...all of a sudden. It only happens on xp pc's, all the win 2000 ones are fine.  The following error only happens on user accounts--MY account is fine (I work in an MIS department...whenever I login with my credentials...all office programs go through the installer setup fine...only fails on the "other " users). We run server 2003, and either windows 2000 or xp (this is the problem OS).

When starting email (usoft outlook), excel or word programs...
the msi installer starts up...and soon gets the following error: "error 1309. error reading from file: D:\SKUO11.CAB. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it."

This problem seems to have reared it's ugly head just in the last month or so. . . no server changes have happened that I know of. ALWAYs windows 2000 is ok ( we do have office 2000 on THOSE pc's ), only xp is trouble (those all have office 2003).

I looked this up and found something about the version of msi files being the culpret, but I didn't find a fix! Thank you in advance!


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Does the location D:\SKU011.CAB exist on the PCs? If D is a CD drive, then office is trying to install from the CD.

If the location exists, check the security properties and ensure that the user has at least read access to it.

Try to repair the Office installation.  In this case make sure that when you install the programs you select to install all files to the computer as opposed to installing upon the first installation.  Just as mfteal said, it is looking for the CD.  I'm almost positive that SKU011.CAB is a file on your Office 2003 CD.

Again if you choose to completely install the files to your computer this error should not reoccur.


yes, the pc's are trying to access the cd drive...that is, d is the cd drive.
I'll get the cd and see what happens when I do a full install of office.


920355  Description of the Office 2003 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package: July 17,

Kindly install this hotfix. This is Bug in Office 2003

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