Finding an image within an image

Are there are software libraries out there that would allow me to find an image within an image?
This would be a precise pixel by pixel match.  For example, if I had a screen shot of my desktop saved as a bitmap, then tried to find within that screen shot an image of the internet explorer icon.  
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I don't know about a library.
But if it is an *exact* pixel by pixel match, then you may retreive the raw screen and image pixels and use this algorithm:

char *screen; //doesn't matter how many bits per pixel the screen has...
char *image: //but it should be the same as the image bbp in screen the FIRST LINE of the image
you found a potential match, so compare the other lines
for the comparison you'll need to add (ScreenWidth - ImageWidth) to the screen pointer, to get to the next row of pixels
...if it is not a match, loop and find another match for the first line.

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McBluffinAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but I really am looking for a library so I don't have to write all the code myself.  There are more complex operations I need to do as well, which I would hope to find in such a library.
There some libraries to match document which uses a technique like you asked. Theyu are all commerical libraries and they cost too much.

For Example TMSSequoia ( currently pegasus has it ) has  FormFix to match input forms as well as Prism IP to do image processing.

No free library to do such a job as far as i know.

What other functions you need?
i'm very curious about your application. would mind telling us a little bit more of what exactly the use case is and what you are trying to do? usually for finding an image in an image, a precise pixel match isn't very good cuz it is not very noise tolerant. hence cross-correlation of images is usually used. but since this is a very computationally expensive operation, dedicated DSP/ ASICs are generally employed.

i know this may sound tangential now, but maybe knowing your target application, we can provide better help?

you may also want to explore and for libraries

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