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HTML sometimes prints at a different font size

I have a user who is running an engineering software package that generates html code.  At times, when he prints the html page, the print out prints correctly.  At other times the font is larger and therefore requires two pages of printing or sometimes it doesn't print all the information out.  

I have looked at the html code when it is printing correctly and when it has not printed correctly.  The code appears to be the same for both.  It uses the command "Font size="4"

Any suggestions?
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How is he printing it? Through a browser or through the editor?

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The engineering program is using the browser.
I had the user go to "Internet Options," on his Internet Explorer, delete cookies and delete files and now it seems as if it's printing correctly.  Can anyone tell me why this may have fixed the problem?  
It is possible that the wrong version of the file was cached. This means that the file is saved onto your computer - this means it will load faster another time. The cache is updated every few times you visit a site, or if it is manually updated. Deleting the file clears the cache.

It is possible that sometimes the browser was printing the cached version, and for whatever reason sometimes it wasn't. Clearing the cache will update the cached version to what you wanted fixing the problem.

IE has always started acting unpredictably when the cache gets full.  Weird little discrepancies, unexpected results, etc.  Shoddy coding...Garbage In, Garbage Out.
Just wanted to thank those who replied to my question.  Still have not solved the problem, however like I indicated in my previous message, deleting the cache seems to help.
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