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Blue Screen of Death Error, OS not responding

I have a Dell Latitude x300 only a year old

I shut my laptop off this morning went to work, turned it on and now i'm getting this blue screen stop error.

I did nothing from the time it was on this morning to when I got to work...This is quite urgent and quite important that i get this working I have extremely impt info that I can't lose on my laptop

this is the error

STOP: c0000218 {registry file failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or alternate.
It is corrupt, absent, or not wirtable.

beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete
contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.
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Sounds like a hard drive failure.  Put the "For Reinstalling Your Operating System" CD (I think that's what it's labeled) into the drive and boot from it.  NOTE: You may have to change the boot order to boot from CD.  To do this, press F2 when you first turn the comptuer on.  Boot order is generally under either Advanced Options or Boot Options.

You'll need to press a key once you boot to boot from CD.  It will load the Windows setup screen.  Once there, press "R" to go to a recovery console.  You'll need to enter your administrator password (if you don't know it, it's probably blank) to log in.  Once there run the following commands (the chkdsk command may take several hours to complete):

chkdsk /r

Reboot the computer.  This process will resolve any logical bad sector issues but may not resolve a problem with a physical bad sector.  If it doesn't work, your best option is to pull the drive out and plug it into a different computer.  New model Dell laptops ship with SATA HDD's which can be plugged DIRECTLY into a SATA desktop computer (no adapters needed).

Any other questions post back and we'll try to help.
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Chkdsk found no errors or bad sectors

I tested it in another computer like you said and it was ok so the harddrive isn't bad.....I think the registry is there a way to repair that?
Yep.  There's automatic backups of the registry hives stored in C:\WINDOWS\repair.  Copy them into C:\WINDOWS\system32\config (you want default, sam, security, software, and system).  You can either copy them using the other computer or do it from the recovery console.
ok I tried copying the software file and it says the file could not be copied...all the other files copied just fine?  Now what do I do
Your last option is a repair install of windows.  Hopefully it will be able to write a new (non-corrupt) software hive for you.  If it is successful, your computer will boot fine, but you may notice some quirky changes to your profile.  If you cannot run the repair install, you'll have to back up the data (using another computer as already mentioned), and reinstall windows from scratch.
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Theres a bit more to it than that...

"How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting"

There is a warning about doing this on an OEM system, but I have enver experienced a problem on a Dell that they refer to. Just an FYI...

And what Netsmithcentral is referring to is the first portion of a manual restore. If you follow the link, there are step by step instructions on how to go about it. One of the key points is to hte end, when you actually replace the hives with the ones located in the Snapshot folders, which are from System Restore. This gets you closer to your most recent settings....
Ok I got it to copy the files..and now it boots kind of...I no longer get the blue screen it starts to boot and I get this error

when trying to update password, this return status indicates that the value provided for the current password is incorrect.

Then it automatically restarts...its like a endless loop if I leave it...restarts get the error , restarts tryies to boot get the error.

That usually happens if you only copy a few of the files over from the repair folder....Keep in mind, that it is more than likely going to be either no password, or a maybe even the first password or two...

Did you copy all 5 files over...System, Software, SAM, Security and Default?
I tried all passwords now on recovery consul and nothing works

I copied all 5...however system wouldn't copy over from the repair folder said there was no file...all the others copied fine..

I tried copying system back from the tmp folder I initally put it in and that worked so I figured everything was ok

John I am follwoing that article but like I said system wouldn't copy from the repair folder so I just conituned with the article

i went to the the start up in safe mode but now i'm stuck in teh endless loop about the stupid password...  how do I get past this point?
You can't.  After an unsuccessful attempt to restore a corrupted registry hive you will often get stuck in endless loops like this.  They're caused by conflicted data between the hives.  Like I said, your best bet is a repair install of windows at this point.
repair install didn't work, I still get that lsass.exe error regarding the password
I did a regular install of the everything is gone.

I thought you can reinstall the os without losing your data?

all my programs, files everything is gone...I'm in big trouble is there a way to recover this at all?  Probably not
It depends on how you do the "regular" install.  If you tell it to do a parallel install (install Windows onto the already existing partition in a non standard folder like "WINDOWS1") it should work, but can cause all kinds of booting and profile issues.  If you do a "fresh" install, Windows formats the hard drive before installing itself.
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I have a program called rescue pro that I use however its not finding anything to recover?

I didn't wipe out the harddrive I just reinstalled the os I don't understand why everything would be gone?

Are these other programs better or diff than rescure pro?
I have used Easy Recovery Pro on adrives that I formatted over. You can download the trial
I believe, and if you see the data there, then you can look at buying the software....