problem linking to remote Solaris box

Hi, I have an Sun Ultra 5 running at a remote site which I cannot connect to.

A rough diagram follows -

lan1 (a.b.c.d) <-> router <-> vpn link <-> router <-> lan2 (e.f.g.h)

When the machine was at my site it worked fine for years. it then got moved to the remote
site, and the ip address was changed.

Machines on lan2 can connect fine to the Sun, and machines on lan1 can connect to all the machines on lan2, except the Sun :-( and I really need to scp files to it on a regular basis from lan1.

Any ideas on possible causes and solutions?

best regards
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Check the followings in your Sun box (need to login as root or su as root, if you
want to modify the files):

. make sure your /etc/resolv.conf file looks like:


replace "" with your DNS server IP

2. check  your /etc/nsswitch.conf  file, and make sure that it has:

hosts:     files dns [NOTFOUND=continue]

# you can just modify the record to make it use files and DNS

3. check /etc/defaultrouter to see if it has a correct router IP, if the doesn't exist you need to create one, eg:

vi /etc/defaultrouter
and put   in the file, replace " " with your router IP

echo "" > /etc/defaultrouter
then reboot.   (PS: only step 3 need to reboot)

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morgadAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips yuzh.

I assume when you say router ip ( you mean the address of the router on lan2 as seen from lan2 (c1)?

my computer (a1) <lan1> (a2) router1 (b1) <vpn link> (b2) router2 (c1) <lan2> Sun (c2)

I will check option 3 in particular. The computer controls an machine in a factory. It only needs incoming access from one other machine in the other factory and no outgoing access at all, so DNS should not be an issue (I am happy to hardcode the (c2) Ip-address into the script to be run on the machine (a1)).

It will take a while for me to get access to it to run the tests.

best regards
/etc/defaultrouter should be the router in the same network the Sun box connet to, your Sun box can't use any router outside the LAN !!!

>I will check option 3 in particular.
Make sure the 1) and 2) are correct.

Have a nice weekend!
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