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Create FTP user account mapped to site domain subdirectory

I'm running Windows 2003 Server / IIS 6
I want to create an ftp account that is linked to a directory within a site, when a user logs in with the ftp account they should be placed in the linked directory

What I've done

1. In IIS, created a virtual directory, called the same name as the subdirectory:
Internet Information Services
    FTP Sites
      Default FTP Site
The virtual directory is linked to the local path as follows:

Read/Write/Log visits are all granted

2. Created windows user, with Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Local Users and Groups, called ZipUser

3. Created new group, with Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Local Users and Groups called ZipGroup, then added the new user (ZipUser) to the group

4. Granted log on locally access to the new group, using Administrative Tools / Local Security Policy / Local Policies / User Rights Assignment. Selected properties of 'Allow log on locally' and added the group ZipGroup

5. I tried to ftp connect and I get the following error:
530 User ZipUser cannot log in, home directory innaccessible
Login failed.

6. I ran up filemonitor and I got the following when filtering on the username
inetinfo.exe OPEN c:\Inetpub\vhosts\Servers\10330\LocalUser\ZipUser\ NOT FOUND

Not sure why it's looking at c:\Inetpub\vhosts\Servers\10330\LocalUser\ZipUser\ and not c:\Inetpub\vhosts\mydomain\httpdocs\ZipUser

Any advice much appreciated.
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To add the following:

7. I gave the user NTFS access to the folder, using the folder properties / Security settings.
Is this server a memeber of a domain or just a standalone server.
If its a memeber server then you need to create the account with Active directory users and computers console.Also make sure that the user account has appropriate permissions to the folder.
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