How can I write a batch file in dos using long filenames?

I need to write a batch file that changes directories and backs up files using long file names.  I have heard that using quotes works but I can't quite make it happen.

Please help
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See my final example here:     how to specify a path with spaces in a batch file

Try also the better xxcopy: E.g. to copy an entire drive or folder tree:

xxcopy c:\  d:\abackupfolder /clone

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A little off topic, but if you want a very robust command line shell you can download and install Cygwin [].  Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows.  You'll find that you can easily do so much more in terms of scripting (including handle long file names) than you ever can with a DOS batch file.  I know that wasn't your exact question, but I just thought you should know that you can get a lot of productivity out of a free and very easy to install program.  
For actual "long filename support" you should run NTFDOS:

If you run NTFSDOS under DOS 7.0, NTFS drives will support long filename calls even before Windows starts. To propagate this support into Windows 95, NTFSDOS automatically has Windows run the NTFSHLP.VXD VxD device driver. No changes to SYSTEM.INI or the registry are necessary for this to occur - NTFSDOS will detect when Windows 95 starts and load the driver without user-intervention. You need NTFSHLP.VXD only if you will be running NTFSDOS with Windows 95.
CatDivaAuthor Commented:
I am using windows xp.

Thanks for the xxcopy info - it's a great solution
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