The screen melts

Once in windows sometims on this computer and another the screen just goes crazy from the mouse pointer pixellating to a large square and then certain line of text is cut in half then it wipes the font out and then it goes away.
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It sounds like the video card is getting bad, but you say its happening on 2 different computers or is it 2 different monitors that you have tried on the same computer. Could you be a bit clearer as to how many computers this is happening on.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
You should also try updating the video driver software, but it's probably the card itself, as sparkmaker suggests.  Does the PC have 2 video cards - perhaps an upgraded one for gaming, plus the onboard?  If so, try with just the onboard.

Other possible culprits could be the motherboard, the ram (especially if it's an onboard card which uses system ram), or glitches from the psu.  We do need more info as to sparkmaker's request though....

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maybe some malware - in that case, i suggest running ALL these - updated :
     adaware :
     Spybot :                                                               online scan for trojans                                   download                                check the log
GVivaldiAuthor Commented:
I have two seperate computers doing the same thing...I was more worried about a virus that was doing this, so I have bought a couple of cards and will put them in and let you know
Do the scans that Nobus has linked to. When dealing with 2 separate computers the likleyhood of them having 2 bad video cards at the same time doing the same thing is remote.
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