BTUs for new closet setup

We're looking into the possibility of setting up a pilot VOIP project. I need help with the following -- need some btu figures.

I'm looking at using the Cisco 3650 POE 24 port switch, I'll need two for a total of 48 ports.

1. How large of an APC (battery backup) do I need to keep the phones up for 24 hours -- please list makes and models if possible?
2. How much heat in BTUs does the battery backup (selected in option #1) and switch selection generate?

Any other calculations and or numbers I'll need to determine my cooling requirements?

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I went through something similar very recently as I tried to find a cooling solution for a development data center (okay... a fancy closet).  I had a very difficult time trying to find the right solution even when I went to APC to get help.

What ended up saving me was an APC partner.  They were very knowledgable and I have been fanatically happy with their service.  So let me post their info but first a note: I am in no way affiliated with this company nor do I have more than one experience with them.  But I was impressed enough to share it.

Steve Nguyen
Precision Cooling Specialist
CORE Support Systems (APC)
Ph:  949-788-0011 ext. 4454

Hope that helps
(and sorry I can't tell you myself)

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It might also be helpful if I note that for a 12x8 room I ended up with the APC NetworkAir Protable Air Conditiong Unit (Model ACPA4000).

I suggest you buy the lan card too which allows for environment monitoring in the room.
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