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Dcpromo after installing exchange 2003 sp2

I had exchange 2003 sp2 installed on  DC w2k sp4 server in windows 2000 domain.
while upgrading the domain to w2k3 R2 on new hardware
I left the exchange server on the same hardware
but I demote the w2k server to a member server (now I realize that it was a mistake)

now I got  fully functional  w2k3 R2 domain with exchange 2k3 sp2 on w2k sp4 member server

for a while evrything looks fine
and I wanted   to move the exchane to a new w2k3 r2 server using the move mailbox wizard
after installing another  exchange server on new w2k3 r2 server.

the problem is - when  I move mailbox to the the new server it stop receiving mail

in   i found :

"After you install Exchange Server 2003 on a server, do not change the role of the server"

like I mentioned it was a mistake.

how can I fix this situation ?

I think about reinstalling the exchange on the server but  I'm not sure what happened to the data and configuration

if reinstall  is the solution , should I first uninstalling the second exchange server (just one test mailbox on it)

another possibility is move the exchange to  anew hardware by using the  Setup /disasterrecovery
explained in but I split it to anoter question

thank for any profesional help

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Hi yechimovich,

I think a reinstall is definitely a good idea, but considering you are moving to a different server, there are other options.

Run Exmerge to try and export all your mail to PST files - also, use outlook to export all the public folders to PST files - now you can uninstall exchange from the dodgy server without an issue - you have all the data.  (obviously, verify that you have all the data)

Backup all your data - the .edb and .stm files (you will need to dismount the stores to do this)

Considering you are going to be installing exchange on a DIFFERENT server, with a different name and OS - the disasterrecovery switch isnt going to work.

Someone may have other ideas, but personally, I would go down the Emerge path - it is safest (IMHO)

Hope that helps,

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Hi red
thank for your quick answer

export all tp pst sound's like hell - i got  16 GB databse withe more then 100 mailbox

movving to new server by using the move mailbox wizard is my preferred option because I did it once in
the past and it's work fine

the only problem now is the DCPROMO mistake that prevent me to do it

are you sure that simple reinstalling will solve the problem and keep the   ?

the disasterrecovery is an option couse I do want to kep the same name
the only issu is the operating system but  maybe I can first upgrade the old server to w2k3 and then
follow the  disasterrecovery procedure ?

Exporting to PSTs will be quick to set up - 16GB is not that much data - and the 100 mailboxes will all be seperate files

It is at least worth a look - I would recommend you do this even if you are going to reinstall exchange

The disaster recovery will work if you have the same OS, patch level, exchange version, exchange patch level, site name, org name, etc...

If you can do that, then definitely give it a go - it would be better than reinstalling exchange

in "no problem situation"  I'm almost sure I can move the echange to new hardware by using disasterrecovery
after upgrading the old server to the same OS as the new one (w2k3)

but after the dcpromo mistake I'm nt sure.

I would like fixing the mistake first by runnig reinstall ,but I want to know the complexity and the risk

and any way is  backing up a good  condition mailbox store is not safe enough ?
why exporting it to pst ?

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I could not Dcpromo the other way (back to dc) because now my domain  functional level is  2003
and the old exchange server is windows 2000 server
I reinstall the exchange server but no change
(the problem is - after  move mailbox to the the new server it stop receiving mail )

the solution  was move all  mailbox to the new server and remove the old one