converting word to pdf file and specifying name based on a list

Hi Experts,

I have a large number of files in word that I want to convert to pdf file and give the specific names.  I have the names in an excel spreadsheet, the old name of the word document, the name of the new pdf file to be created and the path of the word document (same path as the pdf file.  All files are in the same location.

I have  the pdf drivers so I can print to pdf files.  Is there an easy way to do this in vb?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Spead sheet format:

Word file                PDF file                   path
document1.doc       michael1.pdf           c:\test\
document2.doc       juhn.pdf                 c:\test\
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as far as i remember, word'a object model has a method to do this.

Application.PrintOut has some parameters that allow you to direct printer commands to a file and the name of the file. Please try it.

Sub ConvertToPDF( s_doc As String, s_pdf As String )
  Application.PrintOut , , , s_pdf, , , , 1, , , True, , s_doc
End Sub

ConvertToPDF( "c:\test.doc", "c:\test.pdf" )

PS: do not forget to set the printer to PDF printer
PS: i tried this office image printer, it works but also it lanuches the document image viewer.

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bilalahaAuthor Commented:
Well edokan,

I did it in two steps, selected all the files at one and printed to pdf file, they were printed with the same name as the original, then I meged the cells in the spreadsheet and created a batch file:
rename XXXX1.doc michael1.pdf

It took about 1 hour to create the PDF files and about 10 minutes to rename them.

This is similar what you have up there your example.

Thanks for the help.

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