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ACT6: Problem with Mail-Merge

I'm using ACT6 (build on Win2K with Office XP.

I've been using Mail-Merge for years without problem, until today.

I answer all the prompts to the Mail-Merge Wizard.
On the "Send How" option I say "Word Processor"
Eventually after another few questions I press the <Finish> button.
Then I get a popup with the following message...  
   "Preparing for mail merge"
A moment later I get another popup (the popup title is DrvWd6) with the following message...
  "Failed to establish link with Microsoft Word"

The same thing happens when I set the "Send How" option to "Fax".

I've rebooted a few times - to no avail.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like you'll need to create your

1. Search for
2. Rename to normal.bak
3. Open word to recreate your
4. Close Word
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Hi TommyTupa:

Thanks for your suggestion.
Unfortunately it did not solve the problem.

However, later I did find an article about this on the Sage website
which suggests the possible causes as...
(1) If ACT word processor not working - need to re-install ACT
(2) An older version of MS Word
(3) Norton Anti-Virus plugin
(4) Insufficient permission rights to Registry on Local Machine
(5) Wrong computer name or permissionns
(6) Missing printer driver
(7) Run Actreg
(8) Wrong application paths in registry
(9) Memory issues
(10) Damaged MS Word installation  - run MS Word Detect & Repair tool  

After trying all the procedures in the article, it turns out my problem was #10.
I ran the MS Word Detect & Repair tool and now it works fine.

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Mike Lazarus
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