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How to make Java work online?

OK, i want to post some free java games on my site, but i thought all i needed was the .class file.. am i wrong?

how do i host it to work online?

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I presume your games are applets -- if so, you will need to use the <APPLET> tag to start with. You can specify either a .class file or a .jar or a .zip archive (if your game is contained in more than one class). There is a tool that comes with the JDK that creates an <applet> tag for you called HTMLConverter -- you will find it under your JDK\bin directory.
I disagree ... the links to tutorials address the question well
<link 1>
This section explains to HTML authors how and when to use the applet, object, and embed tags to add Java applets to Web pages, and provides guidelines for deploying applets on the Internet and Intranets, and for use with different browsers.
</link 1>

<link 2>
This lesson talks about the basics of applets, advantages of applets over applications, how to load applets in a web page, how to convert applications to applets and how applets work.
</link 2>