set XMP metadata tags

I have being trying set XMP metadata tags in jpg images.
Particularly “xapRights:WebStatement” tag.

Which is the owner url if you check file properties through Adobe Photoshop.

I am looking for a solution in C# .NET

Can anyone help me on this?

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Try to use this library as a start point since it does what you want to do in another APP marker.

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jpw1Author Commented:
I have already tried that.
It only works with IPTC metadata fields.

What I want to do is set XMP metadata. They are not part of IPTC or EXIF.
XMP is the new XML-based "Extensible Metadata Platform" developed by Adobe.

You may then use the Adobe's very own XMP SDK.

BTW, the link i sent before contains the code that manipulates the APP13 marker in the JPEG file where IPTC data is,
XMP data in jpeg files is stored in APP1 marker. All you have to do is to manipulate the APP1 marker, and the sample did.
jpw1Author Commented:

XMP SDK was written using c++.
I had a hard time making sense of that.

I am not an expert on image formats, can you explain how to manipulate the APP1 marker.
this is where link where i first ginve comes in to play.

if you look at the sources you will find all of the methods to load and save APP13 marker is encapsulated in IPTCData.cs. in the file, code simply loads jpeg file, scans for APP13 marker and parses it. When need to save, takes a source file, removes APP13 marker, builds its own APP13 data and stores it in the file as a byte array.

It is same until decoding and encoding.
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