Multiple runtime errors are popping up all of a sudden??????????????????

I just started using a new Dell Lat d820 and am now getting a ton of runtime errors.  They are all diffferent but each is persistant to the point of screaming!

One example is when trying to install a windows update .....Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 1.1 Service Pack 1 (KB886903).....

I just installed all the updates (53 of them) and this is the only one that failed. I get the following Runtime Error..... C:\DOCUME~1\USER|LOCALS~1|TEMP|SLA.tmp...

I started to get this and went into the temp folder and cleared all files and noticed the offending Temp file changed from SLA1.tmp  to  SLA.tmp  ???????

I get an error when I restart also and when I try making a DVD with Sonics Creator 9.

This is getting real irritating and the dog is getting tired of getting kicked out of frustration!!!! (kiddin)

Can anyone give me any pointers on debugging general runtime errors since they al seem to be consistant depending on what activity is taking place.

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I am assuming its Windows XP machine. Please download the utility called qfecheck.exe from following website :

Run this utility and see if any of the patch is not installed properly, if there are more than one patches then start uninstalling these patches from the latest to earlier dates of release of these patches. Then reinstall these patches. Please run this utility and update if am going in right directon. Awaiting your response
rspaldingAuthor Commented:
Downloaded and ran qfechck.exe/v/l.....It listed all patches as 'Current on system' but did not report any errors. Am still getting runtime errors over and over. Here's a highjack log....maybe you will catch my problem there...I can't tell what's what??
rspaldingAuthor Commented:
I ge a runtime error everytime this service pack is trying to install......Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 1.1 Service Pack 1 (KB886903)-----Error message is....Program:C:\Docume~1\locals~1\Temp\SL879.tmp

the temp file seems to change
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Maybe you could try doing whatever you're trying to do in Safe Mode, although I'm not sure how limited Safe Mode is.
rspaldingAuthor Commented:
If I tried to use Sae mode for everytime a runtime error shows up I'd be in Safe mode all the time!!! I don't think that's an option.....I have noticed lately that if I try to install DirectX or a netframe work update from Microsoft I get shut down with runtime error. ....Can't install either one no matter what. Will try in Safe mode tho and see what happens. I don't hold out much hope.

Come on guys where's all that great expertise and guru stuff!!!!?????
rspaldingAuthor Commented:
A clue may be .....I can't install Direct X update. I get a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library-Runtime Error window...listing


I have updated and run Spyware Doctor/Defender and defraged Everything else seems fine.............

I could really use some help...these runtime errors are getting in the way pretty bad!!!!!
Maybe you could investigate by checking your event viewer, although that usually doesn't help with anything.

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rspaldingAuthor Commented:
Your right there....the event viewer is useless.  I find now I cannot use several utilities under Run.....I get stopped by Runtime Errors

rspaldingAuthor Commented:
I also notice I am having trouble running some utilities in Run.....dxdiag.exe is one that is stopped by runtime error.
Maybe you could upload a screenshot or some more details on the errors you get?
rspaldingAuthor Commented:
Will try to get more info....this is becoming a problem.....Not sure how to put screen shots on Experts Exchange in a fashion permitted?
To make a screenshot, wait for the error to pop up and then press the Print Screen/SysRq button on your keyboard. Open Microsoft Paint, and press Ctrl+V. Save it as a JPEG file, and then upload it to some website such as You can also upload it to a personal website hoster if you want such as or, although that may be breaking the site's rules by only using the site for storage.
rspaldingAuthor Commented:
OK....let me do a bit.....before another runtime error messes with me!!!!!
rspaldingAuthor Commented:
This looks like a mess to resolve. I am going to just give the points to  orangutang for trying to help.....Thanks
Well, thank you very much! Just ask me for any other computer help and I'll be glad to help for free. Ask me as many computer problems (besides hardware and networking-related problems) as you want (And I really do mean "as many as you want")
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