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Novatel Merlin S720 causing bugcode_usb_driver blue screen issues

Ok bit of background on this problem. Had a sierra aircard 580 on this laptop previously without a single bsod/panic problem.

This is on a dv8210us with an AMD Turion 64 cpu. Unfortunately the cardbus chipset is the TI (which seems to of been notorious for these issues). I have already flashed my bios to the most recent one I could find on HP's website. Unfortunately it didn't do much good to fully resolve the bsod's I've been getting. Changed the usb driver to the generic/standard one from the NEC that was auto selected (helped some I get the bsod's less often, still getting the random panic/crashes however).

Not positive on exactly what is causing this at this point. Any useful help would be appreciated. Also note this laptop was just recently re-installed from scratch using HP's recovery disc system. Running XP Home edition SP2 on it also.

Recap: once I installed the Novatel Merlin S720 aircard (sprintpcs evdo wireless internet access), the laptop began randomly bsod'ing. I'm unsure exactly what the issue is now as I've read tons of different data on what can cause this anything from it being the card itself to the card drawing too much usb power, to all it needing is a bios update on the laptop (which I did already and didn't help a thing).

Basically i need this problem resolved asap fully with a viable solution. Keep in mind I do use USB 2.0 devices as well (external hdd's) so just disabling usb doing such workarounds isn't going to help anything.

EDIT: Also to note I did contact HP and they gave me the usual spiel trying to claim it was a compatability issue (as if I needed to call them to know that much). Seriously at a loss for why a bios update would not of resolved this as it seems to be something with power regulation. As there are times where I'm online fine with this card in and it doesn't act up at all then quite a few hours later when I think it was fixed finally bsod out of the blue (even if I'm not that active on the internet making the card do anything).

Also an additional note I have already tried un-install/reinstall of the drivers and the card. If whomever opts on helping on this I'm extremely grateful as I'd really like to get this issue resolved fully and not have this problem anymore. If anyone needs additional info such as minidumps or anything of the like just let me know (and obviously what path as I haven't had to do bsod diagnosing using them myself ever, typically I was able to find the issue without analyzing such files).
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If you insert another cardbus in, and you still have same problem, so likely bios that be needed to update or something corrupt in PCMCIA registry. And you already update bios and reinstall windows without try other cardbus to see if you could narrow down issue. My suggestion is to use other cardbus in same slot of PCMCIA see if same issue occurring. Still far to know the rootcause to fix, but narrow down is what I would like to do.
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I was already previously using a Sierra AirCard 580 on this laptop without any errors. This error only began after installation of the Novatel Merlin S720 card.
The S720 is just out in market, isn't it?

Have you checked in device manager see if the device has yellow mark? I would think either cardbus issue or PCMCIA should be updated. Of course, easy to think that compatibility issue should be concerned first, but there is alway other way to work around this. I suggest that to remove all of drivers of cardbus that previous installed on system, then reinstall only driver of S720. Is there any wireless built-in system?
The S720 did recently just come out in the market yes. And yes I did perform nearly every troubleshooting aspect I could think of (short of slamming the card into the wall, as that rarely works). This includes removing out the drivers and reinstalling (including taking out/redoing sprint's connection manager program as well).

The other cardbus were taken out with the sierra card. I also did search for an updated TI driver with no such luck available. The laptop does have built-in wifi however that shouldn't effect this as there are no yellow indicators on the device manager. The only indicator is one red/disabled usb controller which is a redundant one that this card's driver installs (by the looks of it the driver easily runs fine on one usb controller device driver, I think it installs two thinking it needs to have both to handle each com port having it's own, which is somewhat useless anyhow). Windows disables the 2nd one thinking it's a resource conflict as windows doesn't realize both are going to the same device of course.

Beyond the above I've phoned sprint multiple times and have gone through quite a few troubleshootings with them (to no avail). I did get them to send me out a new card as this card may just be bad (we shall see, I have this sneaky suspicion it's either the card is bad or the firmware needs fixing). In any case reportedly Novatel's S620 had these same bugcode_usb_driver issues. From a pm I recieved over on another forum someone else receiving similar/same errors as mine running an Acer laptop had initially gotten them back on the 620 until novatel released a firmware update for that card (I'm seriously hoping Novatel didn't do something so stupid as to releasing a buggy firmware twice in a row like that).
Just to further note the cardbus/PCMCIA controller on this laptop is a TI PCIxx21 cardbus (also has the Integrated flash media controller).
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Per windows there aren't any IRQ conflicts (as I stated I checked just about everything I could possibly think it could be due to). Once I set windows to be not allowed to turn the device off (on the usb root hub that the cardbus is drawing it's power from driver wise) then it stopped bsod'ing and I haven't had half as many of that issue. I have a real suspicion at this point it's due to the card having internal power issues to where windows limiting power at all will cause spike issues.

In any case I should have the new card sometime tomorrow (going to have to activate/swap the esn so the old one won't be of any good to test against once i get the new one up and working).

Anyhow I'll post here and probably end up closing this out at that point if this is what it ends up being.
PUNKY as you were the ony one who even attempted to assist I'm going to close this out and give you the points. is indicating the resolution as HP will be releasing an updated BIOS flash that should resolve this issue.
Thank you for the points, also the link as well. That is something good to learn.