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LG DVD RAM doesnt burn dvd - no space on an empty dvd!?!?

LG GSA4163 16x DVD±RW Dual Layer On XP.

Lately the above has stopped burning dvds for me.  At the moment I am trying to copy a dvd (i.e dvd to dvd copy) using Nero (also tried Alchol 120%)

In Alcohol 120%
Everytime I click on burn, the empty is ejected from the dvd drive and I get a error saying there is no space on this dvd.

In Nero:
When I click on burn on the copy section, it doesnt detect my empty dvd and asks me to burn an image on the hard disk rather then making a copy!

I have checked in Device Manager that drivers are installed correctly.  Now I have run out of ideas.  

Any ideas guys/gals?

Many thanks in advance
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Check for the presence of "upper and lower filters" in the registry and remove them if they are there:;en-us;314060
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Thanks Callandor.

On the link, I dont have any of the symptoms but will give this a try and post an update on here.
To clarify, I can read data from the cd.i.e the DVD RAM drive does appear in 'My Computer'

update: No I am afraid the above did not work for me.

the floor is open to any other ideas?
Chances are the drive has expired. Can you burn a CD? Try a lens cleaning disk.

Chris B
Thing is I can burn a normal cd but not a dvd and the drive is a DVD RAM not a CDRW :-s
There are two controller circuits for the laser - one for CD, one for DVD. It is common for the DVD controller to fail first. Secondly, the laser must operate much more accurately to read and burn DVD, so the possibility exists that the lens is slightly dirty, which wouldn't necessarily stop CD functions.

Chris B
Are you able read DVDs?  That's how you would test burrcm's comment about the DVD laser failing.
OK so you use to be able to burn DVD's correct?
Did you change media brands? On the blank DVD's ?
Yes I CAN read dvds.  Also my firmware is up to date. (V1.05)

Still using the same brand..Infact borrowed a few empty dvd R's (diff. brand) from a mate on which I also cant burn anything.   :(
any ideas on where I could download the latest drivers for this?  I can find the firmware but not drivers :-s may be that will help
Optical drives on WinXP do not require special drivers to read.  They do require a burning program that is aware of the drive's capabilities.  Have you done any updates to the burning software?
Thanks Callandor,wasnt aware of that. I did update Alchol 120% but have downgraded this again so its back to the version it was..still no luck.
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