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Adding a 2003 DC to a 2000 Server Based Domain

It is required to add two 2003 Server to an existing 2000 Domain. This process is easy, but it is required that these two servers will be promoted to be Domain Controllers replacing the two existing DC's which currently run 2000 server.

Both exisiting DC's have SP3 applied.
Are there any know issues in this procedure and is there a best practice and any best list of processing in order to make a smooth process occur ?

I would appreciate a list of steps required if possible from, introducing the two 2003 servers to the network, from the point of preparing to run DCPROMO and convert to being DC's.

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Great , some real good information will slowly go through. One question , have you ever performed the said stage using SP3 ?

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When running ADREP we run this on the 2000 DC's . Do the new 2003 DC's need to be on the network at this point, as in this case they will be different hardware. I assume the ADREP validates the AD integrity and creates some sort of database in preparation for the migration. When the new 2003 DC's are added does the output from ADREP get used anywhere. ?

No, I apply service packs because they fix problems and secure my network.  I don't usually apply them right away... but DEFINITELY 6-12 months after they are released.

ADPREP ... AD Preparation.  Your preparing the Active Directory.  The 2003 systems do not have Active directory.  The 2000 systems do.