PCI Modem installation

My friend has a PCI modem (56 kbps) which has no driver CD.

He has no idea about the brand of that. When inserted, Windows (XP) detects the modem correctly.. "PCI Modem", but it can't find the right driver.

Any ideas ?
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Harisha M GEngineerAsked:
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There are a lot of 56K modems out there - you can remove the card and look for the manufacturer name on the card.  You can also try running Everest to identify it: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html

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Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
We searched for the manufacturer. But it is not mentioned on this.

I will see Everest and let you know what it says.

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You can also try using Aida32
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David WallCommented:
You can also sometimes get a responce by running diagnostics on the modem in the control
panel it may let you know which chipset it is using control panel > phone and modem > modem tab> modem properties > diagnostic tab> query modem. the feedback will often tell you details that will help you locate the driver.

You can also get it going by using the standard 28k modem drivers found by going to find
drivers when you right click the device in device manager

Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
> You can also get it going by using the standard 28k modem drivers

Hey I think it is 56kbps modem.

Is there any generic modem which can drive all the modems ?
Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
OOOPS.. sorry

Is there any generic DRIVER, which can drive all the modems ?
Is there any generic DRIVER, which can drive all the modems ?

No.  Though often chip manufacturers will have generic drivers for modems using a specific chip.  Examine the biggest chip on the modem and tell us what is printed on it.
When prompted to find or select a modem, you can try to use a generic on by doing the following:
1. go into properties for the modem that windows has detected and choose to 'update driver'
2. select "install from a list or specfic location"
3. select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install"
4. uncheck "show compatible hardware only"
5. in the list choose "(standard modem types)"
6. go down the list on the right and notice there are 3 different 56K modems: standard, v90, x2.  Select one that is appropriate and try it.  

If the one you choose doesn't work, rinse and repeat with the other 2 models.

This certainly doesn't garuantee a working solution but it's what I would do to try.
Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
>> Examine the biggest chip on the modem and tell us what is printed on it.

I will ask my friend and let you know...

I will also ask him to try the standard modem types..
Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
He said it is something like


Does it make out anything ?
That doesn't sound like a manufacturer or a model number.  How about the name and number on a chip?
Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
He said that's all he can see on the chip.

BTW.. it is not a new modem. Someone sent this to him. We guessed it might be D-Link modem. But we are not sure.
Does the PCB have any writing on it, like an FCC number?
Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
What is FCC number ?
It's a serial number that starts with FCC that can be used to identify the card.  By law, electronic devices that generate RF have to be registered with the FCC, to ensure that they comply with FCC rules.
Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
OK.. I will see the modem myself tomorrow and let you know about the details about it.

Thanks for your support :)
Run Everest Home per callandor's earlier recommendation to identify chipset used.  Post results.

What is operating system?
Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
OK.. I will post the details tomorrow

OS is Windows XP.. It only detects as PCI modem, no details
Harisha M GEngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi guys !! The problem is solved :)

The modem was SmartLink 56k model. However, we didn't need a driver. We upgraded to WinXP with SP2 and it recoginzed it.

Thanks for your support. There were a few good suggestions here. So I am splitting points.
David WallCommented:
thanks for the points
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