Need Driver for Graphics Card

Hi Experts!!

I've search and search and search, but I can't find any drivers for my graphics card!!!

nVidia is easy to upgrade and find.. but when i go 2 ati web site, nothing......

the details..

OS: Windows XP

you would be helping me a great deal if anyone could find me a link to download the update.

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
-> Go to the ATI web site (

-> Click on Drivers and Software; then on Windows XP  (I assume that's your OS)

->  Click on the Windows XP Drivers and Software link

->  Click on "Motherboards with ATI Graphics"

->  Click on "Catalyst 6.8 Windows XP - Motherboard/IGP Drivers"

Now download the 2nd download (the 36.5MB package) => you also need the first (.NET) if you haven't got it installed.

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Whoops !! The 7000 series is not support beyond Catalyst 6.5.   This is the final version for your adapter:

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... one other comment:  On the page I linked you to above (at 10:09CDT) there is an "optional" download for the Catalyst Uninstaller (read the notes at the beginning and you'll see it).   It's a good idea to get this download, and to use it to uninstall your current drivers before you install Catalyst 6.5.  ATI's drivers tend to install better if you completely remove the older versions first.
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what laptop is it? normally all the drivers are available on the manufacturer's site.
eNarcAuthor Commented:
Toshiba Satellite Pro A60
sorry - typo above reads A60 , not A50
Ok I don't understand where you got the version #
That version does not show up for me on a 7000 IGP?
Radeon Xpress 200
Windows XP / 11-30-04

ATI Radeon Video Driver Version:

PC Chips
P13G V3.0 AGPro VGA Card Support List
NO. VGA Chipset Vender AGP 4X / 8X Chipset Driver Ver. Model Name
 4X ATI Radeon 8500 ATI RADEON 8500 DDR  
2     ATI Radeon 9000 PRO Gigabyte GV-R9000 PRO
3   8x ATI Radeon 9200 ECS R9200LE / 64M
4   ATI Radeon 9200 ECS R9250 - 128T
5     ATI Radeon 9250 ECS R9200LE / 128M
6   ATI Radeon 9500 Power Color ATI 9500
7     ATI Radeon 9700 PRO Power Color ATI 9700Pro


ATI Technologies :
Radeon X300
 Radeon X300 w/ 128MB DDR
ATI Technologies :
Radeon X600
 Radeon X600 w/ 256MB DDR

ATI Technologies :
Radeon X700
 Radeon X700 w/ 256MB DDR
ATI Technologies :
Radeon X800
 Radeon X800 w/ 256MB DDR

When I go to ATI website your laptop is not listed as supported.
My question is where did you get the driver version Number???

Also could you please be more spcific: specify model # A60-S..... the missing numbers.? Win XP home or Pro?
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