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Webpage size in widescreen!

I have designed a webpage in dreamweaber on my Widescreen Laptop .. When i viewd the same in ordinary monitor .. It went towards extreme left of the window .. viseversa ..samething happened in widescreen . Please tell me which size to set for a page to view in middle of the any monitor irrespectective of size .

Note : My page is similar to (middle is content )

Thankyou & this is urgent !!
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which size to set ?

i'm not sure i know what u mean? You want your site to be centered? can u show us your code? if not.. are u using tables .. css. or??
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yes i want the site to be centered .. i don write any code .. just draw layers & insert content like flash .. is it good practise ..if not pls tell me hw to do

Since you don't write any code, what you can do is use an existing css template, and put your content inside the centered template. Check out the link below. You cand download the template(which is centered), and then put your flash content inside of it accordingly.
there are many other sources to get additional templates. let me know if the above link does not help.
Yes please supply me more sources ..
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