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How do I create a servlet using RAD

I am reviewing my book packaging servlets. How do I create a servlet using websphere.. I cant find a menu option for new and servlet??
Do I use new and package then place my code into the package??
Any particular name I should use for the package coreservlets ?? should the name reflect what the package is doing???
Do I need to switch to DOS in order to run my servlet? or can this run in websphere RAD
DOS> set classpath=c:etc
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> I cant find a menu option for new and servlet??

Simply click the File Menu select New then click on project. Then create a new web dynamic project.
After that you can now create a JSP or servlet which ever you like read the help files to know better ;)
The web project imports all the jar's and configuration you need for jsp and servlet so better start there.
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download that pdf and refer chapter 11 and as such that PDF cover lots of things about J2EE web development using RAD.

Thank You.