Cutting image out of a picture

Hey guys

I need to cut an image out of a picture...its not a straight-line job
I only know very very basic photoshop stuff

Could anyone point me in the right direction????

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Mark StegglesWeb DeveloperCommented:

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What version of photoshop are you using?  If you are using CS2, I would use the extract filter...
Steven VonaCommented:
I always use a mix of magic wand and lasso tool.  I use the magic wand to get the basic colors (works best if the image your cutting is in high contrast to the bg) and change the tolerance to get the best selection.

Then I clean it up with the lasso tool.  Good luck!
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Hi mcgettiu,

The Pen Tool - One which has not been mentioned yet.

In my experience the best tools for consistent results when extracting a subject from a scene/photo are the Pen tool and the Extract Tool (CS2)
I have done good extracts using only the Pen tool as well though.

Using the pen tool will take a bit of getting used to and you have to put the work in, however if you have a keen eye and good patients then in my experience  you  can produce better results than Magic Wand, or Magnetic Lasso Tool.

Here is a tutorial which I found, if you are keen to give the pen tool a go then have a read.

Hi mcgettiu,

Have you tried any of the techniques we suggested yet?

If so how did you get on?

No one yet mentioned the use of the mask tool with a soft edge paint brush. If you want your image to have soft edges that will easily blend into the background of a new picture then select the paintbrush tool and go up to the top menu next to where it says "brush" click next to the number and from the drop down menu select one of the brushes with a blurred edge. Next select the mask tool (the two boxes under the color chooser, pick the one on the right. Now set your top color to black. Paint on the picture with the paint brush and you will notice that it paints with a transparent red color. Completely cover the picture that you want with this red color, if you make mistakes you can change the color to white and you can erase the red color with this. Once you have covered the image that you want you can click one the other mask selector (under the color selector, the box on the left). The red that you painted on will turn into a selection. Copy this and paste it into a new document or where ever you want it. You will notice that the edges are mush softer so that it will blend into another picture.
This is great if you are putting together busy images like flowers in grass or want to put a few  extra moons in the sky.

Good luck
from the toolbar select lasoo tool on it u will see 3 obtions polygonic lasoo tool ( by this u can easily cut the image )

Start from where u have to cut and click on short distances to cut the images ...(like bordering the image with the lines u r creating ) close ur lines by marking whole image with lasoo tool .............ur picture would be selected copy and paste the image on a new file ...................and ur picture is saved simply

Quote "select polygonic lasoo tool" (magnetic_kisser)

Do you mean Polygonal Lasso Tool? It’s a good tool but only for straight edges!

Question Quote “I need to cut an image out of a’s not a straight-line job” (Mcgettiu)
Here's a tutorial for that. Yet I use the poligonal lasso tool to cut images.

Hope you learn.
mcgettiuAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

I was away on holidays for a fortnight...only back today

Im working through your solutions...I haven't forgotten about accepting an answer

Thanks for all the info
By the way, the tutorial posted by spdaniel above is not good use of the pen tool.
They have not used the handles at all and that is why the cutout looks bad, with streight lines.

See the tutorial I linked to earlier in the thread if you do want to use the pen tool (properly)

Good luck
mcgettiuAuthor Commented:
Hey guys

Thanks a million for all your help
I used one of the links Steggs had suggested so i awarded the points to him.

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