Securing Exchange 2003 w/ Pop3

I am trying to secure an Exchange w/POP3 implementation.  All of the documents I have found online disucss the use of ISA server in the configuration.  Is this setup possible without ISA server?  thanks!
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This article involves ISA, but keep in mind ISA, is just another firewall.  most of the article still applies to securing POP3.

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Hi jfexchange,

I wouldn't use pop3 at all if that is an option.

You already have all the necessary software to use RPC/HTTPs - which unlike pop3, doesn't send all your information in clear text

Hope that helps,

I completely agree with redseatechnologies on RPC/HTTPS and OWA/HTTPS as better alternatives to drive your users too.  POP is archaic now, and if you are doing it for only mobile devices, upgrade to devices that do ActiveSync instead.
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Oh good, another RPC/HTTPS fan :))

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What do you mean by secure?
POP3 is inherently insecure. It is a plain text protocol. The most you can do is wrap it up in SSL and hope the client is able to support POP3 over SSL. An ISA isn't really going to help secure it in any way.

thanks RS - just recently signed up, but im only a noob here  :o
jfexchangeAuthor Commented:
I guess I can bypass the ISA part and just open the firewall ports to the Pop3 server.

By secure I mean enabling SSL on the connection on the POP virtual server.  The setup I am working with will not permit the rpc/https or OWA so that is why were are going this route.

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