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Remembering struts...trying to relearn 1+ years later...

Hi experts. I'm trying to relearn how to setup and use struts after going 1+ years without any exposure to it what-so-ever. At work I use eclipse with several plugins and JBoss 4.0.4.GA for my container. I'm already running into several issues:

1) Seeing as how I'm trying to work this from the ground up without copying my work environment, I'm having trouble finding many eclipse plugins. These plugins seem pretty basic, from importing and exporting EAR files to Incorporating JBoss into the environment.

2) I've downloaded the new struts, version 1.29. I recall starting with a struts-blank.war or something of the like origionally. The new download does not have this, but rather has what looks to be an empty example already extracted (no EAR), though I don't know how to setup the work space. It seems to have the struts configuration and directory structure, but outside of this small recognition, I'm at a loss as to where to go from here.

3) I've read many pages of tutorials and such, but they all seem to cover struts 1.1. I'm having trouble finding an updating tutorial that details the setup of both the developer environment and struts as well as the setup of the container.

Any information any of you can give me on these items would be most appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.
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I'll give these a try when I get home.