OWA Direct link - Login Name Problem - Exchange 2003

When I am trying to go to the link directly it is Http:// example) but my login name is jasono is there anyway to change it from jason.ortiz to jasono? This is causing problems when trying to integrate a users blackberry into exchange 2003 never had a problem in exchange 2000.
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Only by changing their directory name, I think.  Create a test user, log in using the one naming convention, then rename the user and try the new way and see if it carries over?
Hi tmss_it_dept,

the /username is based on the mailbox alias - but unfortunately, changing the alias in ADUC doesn't make a difference either unfortunately.  I have the same problem - for some unknown reason I thought it would be a laugh to make my alias "steve" (my name is not steve) and now it is stuck :)

I expect that it is now stuck in the mailbox, and not going anywhere.

If I were going to fix this, which I am not because it doesn't really bother me, I would exmerge all the data out of my mailbox, make sure that backup works, remove all exchange attributes from ADUC (this will delete the mailbox altogether), change the alias to be what I want it to be, create a new mailbox, exmerge all the data back into the mailbox again.

If you have numerous users with this issue - you can exmerge out multiple accounts at once, but obviously, make sure your backups are good!

Hope that helps,


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If you change the alias then you will break lots of other things, most specifically the ability for internal email users to reply to old email sent by that email.

I am surprised that this is causing a problem with Blackberry integration, or are you trying to use the web client?

tmss_it_deptAuthor Commented:
I’m using the web client and actually I finally got it to work. Amazing! Now I just hope it continues to work. I didn’t realize that the web client was so sensitive. A couple of lowercase letters and I has having a heck of a time. But now its all documented incase I have to do it again. Thanks for all the help. That web client was confusing though trying to figure out of it was using the E-Mail user id to ass at the backend of the URL or the User name, sometimes it seamed to use the User Name instead of the E-Mail User Name. Why not have it the exact same? Anyways it has been fixed
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