Failed hard drive bad sectors image copy software needed

What is the best or recommended software to create an image of a failed hard disk that is still functional but contains bad sectors. Main objective is to create an image of the failed HD and work with the image on a healthy disk in hopes to recovery data.

Things tried on failing disk:
-Tried using ghost to make an image - errors listed below:
CHKDISK bit set, volume maybe unstable - restart NT
NTFS Log file has not been flushed restart NT then try again

Also used CHKDSK in hopes to mark bad sectors - errors listed below:

Correcting error in index $I30 for file 2045
Insufficient disk space to correct errors in index $I30 of file 2045
Correcting error in index $I30 for file 10664
Insufficient disk space to correct errors in index $I30 of file 10664

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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I'd use ghost to image it at the sector level.  You can configure ghost to continue imaging when it encounters bad sectors.

Good Luck,
- gurutc
Besides Ghost, Acronis True Image and Boot-It NG also do sector copies.  If the hard disk is failing, you should make sure you do not write to it anymore, or that will make it worse.  GetDataBack from is a very good tool for recovering data that does not write to the original drive.
logicone06Author Commented:
I'm being very careful not to write to the disk again. The disk was orignally NTFS formatted. What switches should be added for ghost to do sector by sector copy? -? -?
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It depends on the version you have, but -IR is used for the latest versions:
Also the gui  you can run from the cd or the boot floppy in ghost lets you set the switches dynamically.  - gurutc
logicone06Author Commented:
Tried the -ir switch it bypassed any erros in ghost that i received before but it had a completion time of 986489:15:26 and stood still at 0% for about an hour. Any other suggestions?
logicone06Author Commented:
I heard about Knoppix std. Is that a viable option?
I have successfully used DiskPatch ( to clone drives in situations where ghost couldn't handle the errors. It's made for that.
The FRO switch in Ghost forces copying with bad clusters and may work in your case.  Here's a list of Ghost switches and their descriptions:

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logicone06Author Commented:
I'm going to try DiskPatch and see how that turns out. Any guidance in regards to Knoppix STD? Any specific commands needed for data recovery?
logicone06Author Commented:
Tried the using multiple ghost switches as well as FRO but no luck.
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