Microsoft Fax only receiving partial faxes

Windows Server 2003.  SP1
Windows Fax.
Hello, I am able to send faxes fine.
I am able to receive faxes, but they only contain the first 5k of data.
Any ideas on why I am receiving partial faxes?

I am doing this over a dsl line, and hope this is not part of the issue.

Thank you.
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Are you using a microfilter on the line in which you connect to your fax machine?


cliffordgormleyAuthor Commented:
I am doing this for a friend, so I don't know if he is using a microfilter.  I'll bet he is; aren't those typically used with DSL lines?
His faxes were working with his 'regular' hardware fax.

If you are using a 56k Fax/Modem replace it with a different type of modem.  Otherwise you can try and ask your telco to test the line quality, as this is a common problem with faxing.  If this doesn't resolve the issue you can try to play around with your BAUD rates and see if this changes the result of the fax.  Normally 9600 or 14400 should work just fine.

You can also try to remove tone dialing and the option to detect dial tone as well as DTMF dialing.  This might seem like a stupid thing to do but I'm a product specialist on fax servers and this actually does make a difference.

See if this helps.

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cliffordgormleyAuthor Commented:
Hello Prodatagroup,
What modem should we replace the Fax/Modem with?   What other types are there?  Don't I need a 'fax' modem?
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