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Unable to view shares on member server from workstations

Ok, this will be a long one, so please hang in there, here is my problem.

I have inherited a problem network that is having a number of issue, but my most critical now is this; I cannnot see data shares from the workstations on a very important member server. The workstations can see the folder shares on the other two servers (PDC and 2nd Member Server) just fine, but this one particular server seems to be the bastard child of the lot.  The server itself is visible under Network Neighborhood, but there are no data shares visible below the server.

 My network looks like this: 1 PDC, 2 Member server joined to domain (both were demoted DC's supporting a separate domain) and 12 workstations.  The server that I am having trouble with is Server 2K3 Enterprise Edition with SQL server and a very large attached SAN. There are two other server, one is a backup array connecting via SAMBA, the other controls the IP Phone system, both of which have little interaction with the network as a whole.

My WINS server points to the PDC for all systems within the network, I have enabled netbios over my IP, I have also installed the IPX/SPX protocol to provide a second avenue for PC communications within the network.  I have set my PDC as the Master Browser on the network, and no other system is set that way.  When I use NETDOM VERIFY it tells me that the secure channel to the PDC is avaible and working correctly and a NETDIAG indicates no troubles.  I can ping from my workstations to the problem server in both IP and ComputerName and get replies, and a NET VIEW does show the problem server is visible.  The issue also happens regardless of user rights, whether a plain User or Domain Admin is logged into the workstation.  I try to map a drive to the problem server and I get "The drive could not be mapped because no network could be found." but I can see the printers that are shared on that server.  I have also removed and reinstall File and Print Sharing on the problem server.

This network is having a number of rights issues across the servers, but mostly between the PDC and this problem member server, this office had 3 DC's (with a 4th DC that had been removed but was still being pointed to for many services) in their Forest, we demoted two and kept the PDC in the same role.  I have cleaned up any joins, associations, trusts, and policies the best that I can and all the member server are pointing correctly to the PDC as far as I can tell.  There are probably other things that I have done but am not remembering at the moment, please let me know anything that I have left out and thanx ahead of time for any thoughts or help.
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Ok, now I feel like a knucklehead.  Thank you CharliePete00 because as I was going through your list I noticed that I could map to C$, I then noticed there were no longer any shares on that server which must have happened when I removed and reinstalled File and Print Sharing which had solved the problem and I had not noticed, THANX!